World Castings now offering their Merlin 509/540 CI Crate Engine @ 540-585 HP, Perfect for Street Rodding or Marine Usage Right out of the Box All New Brand Name Parts Fully Assembled and Dyno Tested These Crate Engines provide the best in price to performance for racing

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We are the regional distributor of World Castings/Merlin engines , parts and systems. Our Prices on World Castings racing engines, racing parts and supplies are second to none. This is the deal, we do allot of business with World Castings and bring the savings directly to you, though we only publish the retail prices on our web site, so we don't lose our buying advantage.  Our loyal customers know, all they have to do is call us up for the best prices on World Castings items, since we cannot publish our best deals directly to the public.  We are the regional distributor, we have developed a long lasting relationship with the World Castings Corporation and strongly support their Merlin line as the best in aftermarket value requiring severe duty dependability that racing engines demand. If you want to go fast and save money, the Merlin crate engine is the best starting point for your racing dollar. When building a house, it is only as strong as the foundation it is built upon, Your racing engines is the same. Merlin based blocks are simply the best to build on

complete 509 ci

Merlin 509/540 CID Engines

540-600 HP w/Pump Gas!!

Can you Handle the Power?

9:1 Compression Ratio

Manufactured with All New Brand Name

Aftermarket Performance Parts

Fully Assembled and Dyno Tested

24 Month /24,000 Mile Limited Warranty

Crated and Shipped to your Door or Shop

Blow the doors off OE Crate - "Target" Engines

These World Castings Merlin II Blocked Big Block Chevy Based Racing engines are perfect for those who want more than an ordinary factory crate engine.  Why settle for thin blocked OE Factory Racing engines when you can have the Ultimate in Crate Engines that run on pump gas.  What is nice, everything is all new using brand name top quality aftermarket parts. Basically this is the best solid pump gas base engine available at the best all around price possible. What is Great about these engines is that they are built for running on pump gas.  You get honest horsepower with out constantly running to the race track or airport hangar for exotic fuels. The 9:1 Compression Ratio is especially important for Performance  use, where the Merlin shines since performance isn't overrated and severely limited to the octane available at the  pumps. For those wanting to further increase the horsepower, these engines are a terrific base to build upon if you want to run it exclusively at the track. then change the compression ratio for racing fuels, You will be Competitive with a Merlin based crate engine that you can build up as you move up in classes. These engines are strongly encouraged for those who love aftermarket speed and don't want to wait, since the 540 CID motors are NOW in Stock

Merlin Engine Specs

Merlin 540 CID Engines Now in Stock - Call for Delivery

Merlin Hot Engine Ordering Prices are at Retail, Call for Jobber Prices

For Internet sales outside of MI, no 6% State Sales Tax - Save Even More!!

Shipping & Handling charges to your door are Extra

Part # Displacement Rating Cyl Heads Retail Price
108000 509 CID 540 HP Cast Iron $Call +SH
108001 509 CID 560 HP Aluminum $Call +SH
108xx0 540 CID 580 HP Cast Iron $Call +SH
108xx1 540 CID 600 HP Aluminum $Call +SH

World Products Merlin Cast Iron Big Block Chevy Engine Blocks

World Products  Merlin Aluminum Big Block Chevy Engine Blocks

World Castings Cast Iron Merlin / Merlin VR Cylinder Heads

World Castings Aluminum Merlin / Merlin VR Cylinder Head

World Products Merlin Intake Manifolds

World Castings Merlin Cast Aluminum Valve Covers


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