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4 Cyl. Ford / Imports Page

This page is for putting together parts components that are geared for the 4cyl racer.  We do list 4 Cyl parts on our other pages, but this one stop guide will be helpful to those who don't want to wade through the thousands of small and big block listings to find the parts you want for your ride.

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Fully machined 4032 Forgings, singles available


JE Custom Pistons

Custom Pistons, any make or model, nitrous, turbo, street, full race, Lightweight and Severe Duty Pins available, call with details so we can check distributor stock and arrange order with factory


Race Engineering

UltraLight 2300 Pistons machined by Wiseco, 40g lighter than other UltraLight, singles and customs available.

Superlight 2300 Forged Pistons for Special Applications

SRP Forged Pistons

JE Quality, sportsman Price, wide selection of compression ratios, standard to +.020" (.5mm) overbores, singles available.

Ross Racing Pistons

Wiseco Forged Pistons

Singles and customs available, with Anti-Detonation and Pressure seal groves, up to .060" oversize bore

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Connecting Rods

Race Engineering

SuperLight Pro Rods

Premium 4340 Allow and ARP Hardware, Machine Forged for max weight removal, very lightweight

Phase 3 2300 Ford Stock Rods

Select factory cores with ARP Bolts, normalized, shot peened, sized stock length and journal sized, bushed or full floating pins, weight matched sets (within specs).


Sportsman Rods

2300 Ford Ultra Light Billet Rods

4340 Alloy Maxi Light Series Mini-Stock Rods 5.700" for 2.000" Journal in Stock, approx. 505 Grams, one of the lightest mini stock rods available today

Billet Steel Rods

Fully machined 4340 alloy billet   designed for higher horsepower applications, nitrous and turbo compatible, h-11 tool steel bolts included


Childs and Albert

Super Sport Rods


SportsMaster Steel Rods 4340 steel alloy, profile machined beam to improve strength and reduce weight, 5.700" and

stock Journal for Ford 2300, .927 pin size

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Race Engineering

Billet Steel Crankshafts

CNC Machined from Premium 4340 Billet Steel, not cast,   full lightening package and balancing included, correct counterweight design for longer bearing life, custom strokes available.

Force - 5 Crankshafts

Select cores are magnafluxed, shot peened, equalized, indexed, straightened, thermally normalized for improved fatigue life, fully balanced, new pilot bearing installed, modified for improved oiling, no core charges.

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Rings and Wrist Pins

Race Pro Moly Rings

Fast seating plasma Moly, deep-fill Moly design, sportsman priced/pro quality file fit for 2300 +.030"/.040"

Speed Pro 1/16" File Fit Rings

Childs and Alberts 1/16" Moly Rings

Total Seal Gapless Rings

Race Lightweight Tool Steel Wrist Pins

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Race Engineering

King Bearings

Performance Race Bearing, very forgiving in dirt application, precision tolerances

ACL 2300 Cam Bearings

Federal Mogul Engine Bearings

2300 Competition Bearings 3/4 Groove Main Improves Oil Pressure

Michigan Engine Bearings

Race Engineering Ford 2300 Block

Hand selected cores are inspected for cracks, cleaned and street relieved with the latest equipment, decks machined parallel to crank centerline, bored and honed with deck plate, aligned honed, oil galleys cleaned, auxiliary bearings and freeze plugs installed, shipped by UPS, no core charges

2000/2300 Ford Clutch/Flywheel Products

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2300 Ford SuperTrick Camshafts

2300 Ford Cam Followers

2300 Ford Solid Cam Installation Kit

2300 Ford UltraLight/Round Tooth Adjustable Cam Sprocket System

UltraLight cam and auxiliary sprocket for improved cam response, round tooth belt increases horsepower, adjust cam without loosening center bolt, includes both sprockets, lower gear and hi-performance belt

2300 Ford Adjustable Cam Sprocket

American made, CNC machined, Adjust cam without loosening center bolt, laser etched timing marks, not a decal, best square tooth sprocket available.

Race Engineering UltraLight Adjustable Cam Sprocket

Precision CNC machined 6061-T6 Billet aluminum UltraLight design improves valve train response, available for Honda/Acura engines

AEM Adjustable Cam Sprockets

Machined from billet aluminum, laser etched timing marks for +/- 10 degree cam timing marks, works with stock and aftermarket cams.

Type One Fits the following

Type two fits the following

2300 Ford Anti Pump Up Lifters

Improves hydraulic cam operation, require for high rpm applications, tested to 7800+ RPM

2300 Ford Valve Springs

Premium dual coil racing springs, works with our SuperTrick camshafts

2300 Ford Stainless Steel Valves

lighter than stock, severe duty stainless alloy, proper tip length for our SuperTrick camshafts

Ferrea Stainless Steel Valves

Stronger one piece flow benched design for improved horsepower extreme duty applications, swirl polished aerospace materials for high tensile strength, special nickel alloy exhaust valves for greater heat resistance.

2300 Ford Heavy Duty Timing Belts

2300 Ford Valve Locks

2300 Ford Valve Retainers

2300 Ford Lash Caps

extend valve lengths to achieve correct geometry, machined to accept followers

Cylinder Girdle for Honda 1.8L

Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum billet,  strengthens top end of block,  prevents cylinder wobble for improved ring seal, a must for high output engines, available with/without water holes

APR Bolt and Stud Hardware

Hardware for the Ford 2000/2300

ARP Rod Bolts

ARP Head Studs and Bolts

Main Strap Kit

Strengthens main caps, required for strokers and high output engines, works for stock oil pan, 1 or 2 studs may need to be modified for stock pan clearance, stock caps must be machined flat to install straps

TRU Power Underdrive Pulleys

Machined from billet aluminum, lower pump and alternator speeds improve horsepower, kit includes alternator and power steering pulleys and belt, available in blue/red/clear coat

2300 Ford Lightweight Power Pulley and accessories

Precision machined billet aluminum laser etched degree marked single pulley design eliminated power robbing 2nd belt and reduces water pump speed for increased power

2300 Ford Water Pumps and accessories

High Performance Cast Water Pump

Hand assembled, shot peened casting resists cracking, high volume, low restriction impeller increases flow while reducing horsepower requirements

High Performance Aluminum Water Pumps

Lightweight aluminum design and high performance impeller, reduces engine weight and drag to increase horsepower

UltraLight Aluminum Water Pump Pulley

Don't use bent Junk Yard Pulleys on your racing engine. CNC Machined hard coat anodized lighter than stock  billet aluminum water pump pulley.

Hi Performance Billet Belt Idler Arm

Hi Performance Billet idler arm doesn't come apart like stock idler arm during high RPM operations, required for any racing application.

2300 Ford Hi-Volume Fuel Pump

Aluminum Housing, heat treated arm and pin, 75 GPH @ 5000 RPM, 90-100 GPH @ 7000 RPM screw design, can be clocked for position, alcohol compatible, flush with gas after use

Ford 2300 Melling Oil Pump

Turbo style pump perfect for most applications, improved oil pressure with our new FM 3/4 groove main bearing

Pan Evacuation System

Recommended with our 6" rod-2300 assembly, draws vacuum from header or exhaust, improved oil control for any application

2300 Ford Phenolic Carb Spacers

1" thickness can be stacked to 2" total, more power than aluminum spacers due to less heat transfer for EFI manifolds

2300 Ford Phenolic Adapters

Adapts 2-bbl carb to fuel injection manifold, more power due to less heat transfer, available in 1" and 2" adapters

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