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8.55 E.T. 159 MPH 510 C.I. Big Block Chevy Camaro running a 850 Carb

LaPouttre Racing Heads \ Engines

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468 C.I.

GM 4 Bolt main Gen 4 block

GM Steel 4" 454 crank fresh .010/.010 champhered

Wiseco domed pistons 49 cc. Dome 4.310 bore 13.49 CR.

Eagle 6.135 4340 steel H-beam rods W/ARP bolts

Moroso 7 Qt. pan/ Melling M77HV pump/ HD shaft

Fluidamper 8"

Cloyes hex a just chain set

Lazer Solid Lifter Camshaft 261/265 .625/.603 108 CL. 145 lbs. Seat pressure

Dart pushrods .080 wall

Scorpion roller rockers 1.7 W/nuts

Dart springs 1.550

Chrome Moly 10* retainers and locks

Teflon valve seals

Dart oval port intake, port matched, carb pad blended

Moroso tall chrome valve covers

049 Oval ports W/new solid bronze guides, 2.19/1.88 GM valves, 115 cc., Bowls ported, fresh HP VJ, Glass beaded, milled

ARP Head bolts

AC Delco chrome timing cover W/tab

Sealed Power file fit moly rings

Mich 77 rod/main bearings/cam bearings

Moroso valley Screen kit

Fel-Pro gaskets

Fresh bore/plate hone


0 Decked

Painted black





2 4.3 V6 heads 2.02 1.60 stainless valves-hi performance valve job-pocket ported-port matched-resurfaced-.510 lift springs Call 1-989-893-5028

2 SB 462 heads 1.940 1.625 hi performance valve job-screw in studs-pocket ported-port matched (1205)-machined for teflon seals-tanked-resurfaced-bare or assembled Call 1-989-893-5028

1 SB Aluminum bow-tie head $ 200.00

INTAKE SYSTEMS                                                                           


MISC. STUFF                                                                                      

1 10-bolt posi 8.5 GM rebuilt c-clip style $ 200.00

8 Wiseco BB 610 CID. pistons use 4.750 crank and .400 rod in a 10.200 block

1.270 compression height-domed-very good condition. $ 375.00

Camel Back Heads 3890462 matching 1966 numbers Bronze guides- screw in studs- pocket ported- port matched- 64cc chambers- resurfaced-High Performance Valve Job- stainless 1.94 intake - 1.60 exhaust- LT-1 springs- teflon seals-fits 302-327-350 ready to bolt on parts and work new $ 750

Champ Circle Track Oil Pan #57 7qt. 57-85 3 trap doors and crank scraper w/new HV 55 oil pump and pick-up tube welded pick-up cost new $232 sell for $160

427 Steel Cranks repairable $75.00 each

MDS Bore Scope like new PS2001 flexible w/optional magnetic retriever and grasping tool $1000.00

New 2-piece Main 350 3.75 Stroke SB Eagle Crank new $249.00

W/D Manley/Dart/World Castings/Lunati/J&E/Weisco/Coan/Comp Cams/Holley/Brodix

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