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In Racing there Are Some Sayings:

Restrictions in the breathing of the engine is like a long

distance swimmer with asthma, after a while all he can do

is Stay Afloat

The more it weighs, the more energy is required to overcome

that Weight

In Racing the only thing that matters is making it to the

Finish Line FIRST And Taking the Checkered Flag

Speed Costs So How Fast do you want to Go?

Methods to produce stronger engines with higher torque and

horsepower ratings rely on attaining different modification levels,

in steps. Modifications to Enhance Engine Performance involves

the proper balance, so components do not interfere with, or detract

from each other, but to Enhance Each Other

Higher horsepower and torque specifications, translate into
higher Horsepower to weight ratios for the given engine/
chassis combination. The higher HP to weight ratio determines
capabilities of how the vehicle will perform.

Ported and Flowed Heads attain the highest airflow efficiency from

any selected head castings. Untouched Aftermarket Racing head

castings make more horsepower, more than high performance stock

heads that are mildly reworked. Aftermarket Racing heads utilize

efficient approach paths into the combustion chamber, but still

need flow characteristic enhancements to perform at world class

power levels.

Combustion chamber design depends upon head chamber, valve

location, and the piston dome shapes and their relationship to

each other as they operate. The better the design, the higher the

compression, the cleaner the Fuel Burn and Flame Travel, the less

piston to cylinder wall side loading, resulting in less friction,

allowing for higher horsepower levels out of the same engine.


Nitrous injected engines require pistons to withstand high

temperatures, then immediately be frozen by a gas, while at the

same time producing higher pressure levels within the combustion

chamber. On the top of the piston, psi levels increase

exponentially, producing more horsepower instantly.

While These power increases are great, the top of the piston

changes from a expanded state (due to high temperatures) to

compact state when it is suddenly frozen. There are major effects

caused by instantly changing temperatures on the top of the

piston while the bottom of the Piston remains near the combustion

temperature. This temporarily skin hardens the top surface of the

piston while the underlying material microscopically remains

somewhat soft and pliable. After this type of surface hardening,

the piston surface material becomes Brittle and soon develops

Spider Cracks. Nitrous injection also temporarily changes piston to

cylinder wall tolerances due to differences in materials and their

different thermal expansion rates. This instant thermal change

creates molecular chaos, and if repeated over time, creates a

major Catastrophic failure resulting in the extra expense of a

engine teardown and rebuild. This is major problem is totally

avoidable by using the right components when building the

engine the first time, thus spending a little more money up front

results in saving allot more money in the long run, due to

replacement and labor costs in repairing the damaged engine.

Nitrous related Piston problems can range from broken piston rings

on the minimum to complete Piston Burn through or Piston Skirt

Failure. In the majority, aftermarket pistons, rods, and wrist pins not

specifically designed to withstand the extreme conditions of Nitrous

Injection will EVENTUALLY FAIL, plain and Simple. That is why

LaPouttre Racing Heads \ Engines uses only the finest custom

fabricated racing components in their Nitrous enhanced racing



Custom Stroked Steel Forged Crankshafts are essential for building

worldclass horsepower levels in unlimited and blown engines for

their respective racing classes. The longer the stroke, the more

cylinder volume displacement there is for the given bore area.

Increasing Cylinder volume results in Increased Torque and Higher

Horsepower Output. Long throw custom crankshafts provide for

unique racing characteristics when used with the properly configured

piston to head shapes and valve train components.

Custom Block Assemblies

Custom Aluminum Block Assemblies are used for Extreme

Competition in Various forms of classed Motor Sports. The benefits

for Higher Horsepower with less weight interest both the drag and

the Marine racers in their respective racing classes. Custom

Aluminum Racing Engines and long blocks are available in

different levels of completion / assembly. Custom worked cast iron

blocks (and long blocks) are also available for the value

concerned commercial / industrial / marine Customer for their

individual specific applications. In many instances, cast iron is

preferred over aluminum. Primarily due to extreme conditions

resulting in displacing large amounts of heat over an extended

period of time, prohibiting the use of aluminum blocks. In these

extreme situations the strength and dependability of cast iron

warrants their usage, despite the additional weight disadvantage.

The Weakest Link in a Engine is the part that breaks when you

need it the most, and its probable that it's the part that is the Least

Spent  on and has been Likely Overlooked.

Connecting Rods

That is why custom fabricated connecting rods and wrist pins

made from Exotic Materials and Composite Alloys are used on all

Unlimited Motors. Top Fuel Drag motors needs to transfer piston

energy to the Crankshaft by the most Strongest / Lightest

Connecting Rods available.

These Engines go from idle to astronomical power levels at a

fraction of a second, then produce maximum power for the next

5-6 seconds. The increased expense for quality connecting rods is

offset by the dependability and faster acceleration. Lowering ET's

is what the drag engine needs to make it consistently through the

Elimination Rounds, and then on to the Winner's Circle, Weekend

after Weekend, Event after Event.

All Engines / heads are available from turn key assemblies to

selected individual parts and components. Racing heads and

engine assembly prices depend upon preferred class specifications,

modifications required, and the amount of Specialty Racing

Equipment required. Different prices are available for the various

level of assembly completed. All parts packages are personally

designed for those who demand full control over their racing

engine assemblies and may only need limited services

Factory Crate Engines

Factory crate engines have become a reasonably costing way to

obtain a new engine, with a factory warranty. Our view is that these

engines are better than junkyard engines and are nicer than

having your cousin's friend's friend rebuild your present power

plant. But due to the assembly process in building these "factory

direct" power plants, engines sometime get less than the optimal

attention on the assembly line since it is moving so fast.

These few engines may have some problems may have been

overlooked. At LaPouttre racing, we blueprint allot of "crate" motors

before they are installed to their application. Upon various

observations during tear down inspections, we have found some

"Monday" and "Friday" built motors through the years. Though

these engines are under warranty by the factory, their quality is

substandard for the most discriminating master engine builder.  At

LaPouttre racing, we will promise to clean out all the casting sand

that is left over in the block's nooks and crannies. We will make

sure that all the piston rings are not broken, and that any left over

metal shavings will be removed. We will take the time to blueprint

the engine so that the internal components meet strict specification

tolerances so your motor is not too lose or too tight. All motors are

correctly assembled with top quality gaskets, the proper sealants

and various stud mounting glues, initial bearing start-up lubricants,

used in the right amounts, in their proper places. This makes your

new factory engine far superior to a "Wednesday" motor. Then if

you have a specific application in mind, LaPouttre Racing can give

you the best consultation in how to achieve a dependable solution.

Minor additional costs incur with the use of top quality after market

components such as chrome Moly piston rings and internal bearings,

and top quality timing chains installed.

Check out our "Big 3" pages that are under construction to give you

ideas about how you want to go about modifying your "stocker" in to

the application that your engine is destined for.

Every engine gets the same Experience, Craftsmanship, Quality

regardless if the engine is for a Unlimited Top Fuel Drag Racer, or

for a stock racing class held at your local track, or even the guy

down the street. By using our new computerized engine building

simulators and chassis simulators, we can "program" your

specifications and come up with the best possible parts

combinations for your applications before you spend money on

any of your engine component selections. If you are serious

about having the best built engine available, for the race track, or

for the family taxi, then let LaPouttre Racing Heads \ Engines help

ensure you that your engine purchase is well worth the hard

earned money you spent

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