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LaPouttre Racing Heads \ Engines

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While he was a Teenager, Rick LaPouttre developed his

Engine Building Secrets by Street Racing and Building

Cars like the GTO Tri Powers to the Big Block Camaro

Z-28's during the muscle car era. Rick was soon Custom

Porting Cylinder Heads for a major porting shop, working

almost exclusively for a Aftermarket Performance Head

Manufacturer. During this period, relationships with major Drag Racing

Teams, Marine Racing Teams and Engine Manufacturers

research and development organizations began to build.

Rick then decided to start his own shop, to be his own
boss, and to give the necessary time required to
produce the highest quality racing heads possible.
This means no more production quotas, only the
highest quality performance products from true
craftsmanship for his customers.
LaPouttre Racing Heads \ Engines was formed,
founded upon the racer's needs with quality based upon
customer satisfaction from past products. Continued
patronage by Major Racing Teams demonstrates their
confidence about the commitment of quality
craftsmanship, and superior service.
LaPouttre Racing Heads proved to be a valuable asset
to the racer, since their express head repair service can
sometimes means Track side support throughout the
Country. Now with the added ability to ship worldwide
and overnight (certain restrictions apply).   The advantage
for the teams is a quick turn around for head porting and
repair that consistently puts them in the winner circle.
LaPouttre Racing Heads \ Engines provides the serious
Autophile with the Service and Support they deserve.


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LaPouttre Racing Heads / Engines


108 Braddock St.
Bay City, MI. 48708    1-989-893-5028 Orders/Tech Line