On Line Performance Parts encourages the use of high quality hardened studs and bolts in their respective locations with the PROPER AMOUNT of sealant/glues

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ARP High Performance Series Fasteners

Stud Kits

Head Stud Kits

Main Stud Kits

Rocker Arm Stud Kits

Header Stud Kits

Timing Cover Stud Kits

Blower Stud Kits

Oil Pan Stud Kits

Valve Cover Stud Kits

Oil Pump Stud Kits

Distributor Stud Kits

Carburetor Stud Kits

Wheel Stud Kits

Bolt Kits

Head Bolt Kits

Main Bolt Kits

Intake Manifold Bolt kits

Thermostat Housing Bolt Kits

Fuel Pump Bolt Kits

Header Bolt Kits

Valve Cover Bolt Kits

Timing Cover, Water Pump and Alternator Bracket Bolt Kits

Stainless Transmission Pan Bolt Kits

Cam Bolt Kits

Balancer Bolt Kits

Pressure Plate Bolt Kits

Flywheel / Flexplate Bolt Kits

Torque Converter Bolt Kits

Connecting Rod bolt Kits

Pro Series Connecting Rod Bolts

Special Applications Only

Ford 427 Aluminum Rod
Venolia, BRC Aluminum Rod Replacement
Manley Replacement for #14050 & #14054
Manley Replacement for #14051 & #14055
Carillo Replacement for CARR
Carillo Replacement for H-Bolt
Venolia, BRC, KB Aluminum Rod Replacement

Wave-Loc Series Rod Bolt Kits

ARP Full Engine and Accessory Kits

Milodon Aluminum Blower Studs #84550

Transmission engine adapters


Mister Gasket Bolt Kits

Intake Manifold Bolt kits

Header Bolt Kits

Socket Head Header Bolt Kits

Header Stud Kits

Valve Cover Bolt Kits

Oil Pan Timing Cover Bolt Kits

Transmission/Rear Magnetic Drain Plugs

Balancer Bolt Kits

Flywheel / Pressure Plate Bolt Kits

Torque Converter / FlexPlate Bolt Kits

Mark Williams

Housing End bolt Kits

Drag Racing Wheel Stud Kits

Call for current pricing for your application

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