The use of the proper cam in conjuction with other engine modifications, torque converter stall speed, and desired power band, Our fastest customers use the computerized engine building and have cams engineered for their specific racing application, we are finding that many "off the shelf" camshafts are for general racing, but if you want to lead the pack instead of following, custom grinds for your specific engine is the only way to go, producing a wider range of power for comming out the the corners and down the track!!

On Line Performance Parts

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Please call us for our recommendations about camshaft selections for your

particular application.  Many people over carb and under cam their racing

engines.   Different cams from different manufacturers have different

characteristics.  You don't want to put a full race cam on a street driven vehicle

because they only make substantial power above 2500 rpm, killing your

drive-ability and making for a dangerous situation in heavy traffic. In contrast

you don't want to  put a high efficiency towing cam in a race car that is

driven above 5500 rpm.  Parts purchase combinations should enhance

each other, instead of take away from each other.  Some people will put a

850 CFM carb on a small block and then can't figure out why the car is

constantly flooding and bogging down.  Please call us and we can match

the carb, camshaft, and torque converter, and gear ratios to the size and

weight of your vehicle and its intended application.  We have been doing

this for over 30 years,  trust our recommendations and you will save money

and come out ahead in the long run.

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Crane Camshafts

MaxVelocity Cams

Commander Cams

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Competition Cams Camshafts

There are so many to list, that a separate page has been created to compensate for long download times.  This separate

page links you to the factory site for the particular specifications for the specific model number of the camshaft.

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Edelbrock Dyno-matched camshaft kits, Performer Plus, Performer RPM, Torker Plus,

Victor Jr. kits for AMC, Chevy V-6, SBlock, Big Block, SBlock Ford, Big Block Ford,

Oldsmobile, Pontiac, SBlock Chrysler, Big Block Chrysler.  A nice cam specifically

computer designed to work with the existing Eldebrock intake manifold and carb product lines.

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ISKY Racing Camshafts

ISKY cams are what legends were made of.  They have a cam for almost

any possible engine application and combination. They come in their racing

"MEGA" cam and "Super Cams" in single and the new Dual Pattern

camshafts designed for fuel economy with low and mid range rpm

performance, ideal for the street and highway.  There are so many

combinations we can't even list all the possibilities on this page, so

we will list the general engine categories and you can call us for your particular application.

ISKY Imports

ISKY Accessories are second to none, call for your needs

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Crower Camshafts

Compu Pro Hydraulic Cams for a limited amount of manufactured engines

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Distributor stocked Custom cams for custom applications, in "IR" roller,

Hydraulic roller, Hydraulic, and mechanical series camshafts.

Combination recommendations for pro street, street rods, super gas,

super comp, top sportsman, super stock drag racing, oval track, modified,

limited sportsman, truck pull, and mud race, boats/marine, NHRA - IHRA

Legal stocker camshafts, Bracket Master 2, High Efficiency camshafts for

AMC, Buick, Chevy V-6, SB Chevy V-8, BB Chevy V-8, 4cyl Ford, SB Ford,

BB Ford, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan 

We depend upon LUNATI to manufacture camshafts in our proprietary Custom Grinds.

Our custom profiles for solid or hydraulic and roller tappet camshafts are second to none since they are

tailored made to your engine's combustion chamber volume, piston design, crankshaft stroke, engine's compression

ratio, and volumetric efficiency, as well as Nitrous Injection and Turbo/Super charged applications.

Minimum set up charges may apply, but tailoring your camshaft to your particular needs has

shown in actual racing situations to increase usable power band over the racing competition's. 

Custom grinds get you out of the hole quicker and help increase top end potential. We have increased low end torque

by 25%, peak power by 75HP and increased top end power band by 1000 rpm on NASCAR style

Small Block Chevy's over stocked racing cam profiles.  If your really in to winning, and are using

our proprietary trick modifications to your heads, you can gain power by using a custom cam profiles.

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Federal Mogul Speed-Pro Performance Camshafts

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Consider our Computerized Engine Building and consultation services,For a minimal cost, you can

build that engine on the computer and make changes before you even order a part! Don't waste time

and money by making the wrong purchases. By making sure that cam is intended for your application's

engine dynamics and end use.

Call for current pricing for your application


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