The use of extended tipped u gapped sparkplugs make alot of spark, we do not disqualify the new multi base-electrode stlye of expensive new plugs if our customers want to spend the extra money. Remember if the cap or wires are bad, then electrical power can't get to the plug, then you will be running on less than all cylinders, no matter how good the ignition system is.

On Line Performance Parts

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We've got about 10 different lines of caps and wires that will be added shortly

If your in to colors, we can get them, but it will take time to get all the items posted

standard caps

racing caps

GM HEI Convertible caps
High voltage aftermarket caps
Firewall Feed-Thru plugs

Universal kits for popular v-8s, bb SB big 3
Low resistance wires in 7mm 8mm 8.5mm and 9mm
Wire looms and separators
See our Distributor page for more related items

Dielectric Compounds

Tech Tip: Install Thru wall coil setup for racing with an electronic ignition system that utilizes an external coil. You then can install a dual ignition system, for racing use in case of primary ignition failure. By using a dual throw crossover relay, switchable power and inputs to the ignition computer is possible, two independent ignition systems can be switched by moving a switch and changing the coil high voltage output to the firewall Thru plug connector, which is connected to the distributor cap. This is helpful if you have ignition problems and don't have the time in-between rounds of racing to tear down the system for troubleshooting.  With a flip of a switch you can determine if both ignition systems are failing/ not correcting the condition, then troubleshooting can progress to other parts of the engine. In the pits, time is of the most importance when something isn't right, and it is very rare that two systems will go down at the same time.

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