Balance is better than brute size alone, Remember what works on the track may not allow optimum drivability on the street. We had customers against our advice install dual 1350 holley carbs on a 502 ci motor and expected it to run, please don't over carb and under cam your engine, when in doubt, give us a call

On Line Performance Parts

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Holley Street Performance Carbs

Holley 2300 Series Two Barrel

Holley 4150 Series Carburetors

Holley 4160 Series Carburetors

Holley Competition Performance Carbs (no chokes)

Holley Model 2300

Holley Model 4150

Holley Model 4160

Holley Competition Model 4500 Dominator, possibly the best Drag Racing carb in the world!

Holley Pro-Series HP Carbs (no choke or air horn)

Holley 4150 HP Series (race only)

Holley Marine Carbs

Marine Carbs are modified to make them meet U.S. Coast Guard standards against flooding and backfire, that can cause fires and explosions in enclosed engine compartments  of boats.

Holley 2010 Marine Performance Show Carbs

Holley 4150 Marine Performance

Holley 4160 Marine Performance

Holley 4500 Marine Dominator

Holley O.E.M. Marine Replacement Carbs

Holley Volumax Electric Marine Fuel Pumps (50 GPH)

Holley Performance Mechanical Marine Fuel Pumps (110 or 130 GPH)

Holley Pro-Series Mechanical Fuel Pumps (130+ GPH @7.5-9 psi)

Holley Pro-Series Volumax Electric Fuel Pumps (160 or 250 GPH@ 15 psi)

Holley show carbs available for muscle cars, call for application
Holley OEM muscle car replacement carbs available, call for application
Holley replacement parts and accessories are available, call for application
Holley conversion kits and tuning kits available, call for applications

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Rochester/ Edelbrock

Quadrajet up to 850 CFM


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4 barrel

600 CFM Manual Choke
750 CFM Manual Choke
625 CFM Elect Choke


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Barry Grant Modified Fuel Systems, Carbs & Accessories

Sportsman Drag Race Carburetors


Stage 4 Dominator Drag Race Carburetors

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Blake Carburetors

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Chuck Nuytten Racing Carburetors and Specialty Parts

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Carter Products

Mechanical Super Pump

Super Electric fuel Pump

172 GPH Super Mechanical Pumps
M60968 SB Ford
M60969 SB Chevy

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Edelbrock Performer Carbs

Specially Calibrated for Performer and Torker 2 Applications

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Carburetor spacers and adapters

Canton Racing Products Phenolic Spacer

We prefer only the open spacers for less airflow restriction unless your racing on restrictor plate only tracks
part #   Description
85-160   1" thick open for 4150 & 4160
85-162   1/2" thick open for 4150 & 4160
85-200   1/2" thick open for 4500
85-202   1" thick open for 4500
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Performance Oriented Air Cleaners and Air Rams

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Dedenbear Throttle Stops and Controller Accessories

Call for pricing and applications

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