We recommend clutch packs for drag racing if you have the proper resurfacing equipment available at the track. If not, by the highest quality standard design clutches available, to reduce the possibility of failure at extreme rpm levels

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A Clutch's acceleration performance use psychics, formulas of mass, force and inertia created by Sir Isaac Newton way before cars were made, in here we can call it "MOI", or "Moment of Inertia" the force that opposes a spinning object from speeding up (accelerating) or slowing down (decelerating).    30% of a typical high performance racing engine's horsepower is wasted accelerating and decelerating clutch/drive train components, power never making it to the wheels.  Resistance to change in momentum is known as moment of inertia (MOI) and it is based upon change of speed at a given change of time.  A change in momentum is called acceleration when speed increases, or deceleration when speed of a rotating object decreases.  For a change in momentum of rotating objects such as clutch system components, it is described by the mathematical formula: MOI=1/2(mass times radius^2).   You don't have to know mathematical formula and theory to understand that reducing the weight of spinning components helps, but that it is only one part of the formula that smart old Newton came up with, that the distance from the center line or radius is the other, more major part of the formula.  So to reduce the moment of inertia, and increase acceleration, it's even more effective to reduce the spinning object's radius (or 1/2 of the diameter), represented by the "radius^2" where r is squared or multiplied by itself in the formula.  So when the object's psychical dimension is more toward the center line of a rotating mass (smaller clutch and flywheel diameter) it has the effect of increasing acceleration and deceleration by reducing the lag time, or MOI.  An easy way to describe this is to take two identical fishing sinkers or wheel weights, tie a three foot line to one and a one foot line to the other.  Start spinning the weights around in a circle at the same speed, then try to speed them up by spinning the weights faster.  The three foot line will react with more pulling force, more resistance to change than the one foot line.  The one foot line will seem to spin easier and faster without pulling as much as the three foot line, though they are of the same weight  So you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that button clutch and smaller diameter clutch pack assemblies will let you drive further into the corners before braking and allowing you to accelerate out of the turns faster.  These systems use layered multiple clutches to provide more surface area to "grab" to, and are also lighter in weight than most of their standard clutch counterparts.   These systems are also used in certain drag racing applications where a low "MOI" is necessary for the best acceleration potential to reduce "ET" times, and the use of a clutch to get the best high power launch to transfer the vehicle's weight to the rear wheels is most desirable for traction and less wheel spin. 

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Street Strip Clutches Matched Assemblies provides exceptional performance and dependability for bracket level drag cars or your tow vehicle.  Kits contain pressure plate, disc, release bearing, alignment tool and bolt kit, in Borg and Beck style (Chevy and Chrysler), or long style for Ford Applications.

Super Connector Sprung Hub Organic Disc

Hayes Steel Flywheels

Hayes Aluminum Flywheels

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Lakewood Bell Housings /Safety Equipment

One Piece Safety Bell housing Assemblies are legendary for saving people and their cars from the destructive effects of a clutch/flywheel explosion.  All bell housings are made from 1/4" thick steel and are stress relieved after forming.  Lakewood bell housings have been tested and meet or exceed SFI 6.1 Specs. 

Specialty Bell Housings special order bell housings  designed for dragsters, Funny Cars, Pro Stock, Truck and Tractor Pullers and serious competition vehicles.   Housings are stocked in unfinished form and are drilled and machined to meet your particular requirement.  Available with or without provisions for stock type starter, and several clutch linkage options are offered.  They meet SFI 6.2 Specs and are approved by all major sanctioning bodys.  Optional inspection cover allows for fast simple clutch adjustments and inspection between rounds.

Bell Housing Motor Mount Kit

Pilot Bearings

Clutch Fork for GM Applications

Adjustable Clutch Fork Pivot Ball for GM Applications

Starter Adapter Kit for Chrysler used to relocate starter when a 130 tooth flywheel is used, contains fabricated plate w/stud, Starter Nose adapter, and hardware.

Bell Housing Locating Kit used to dial in a mis-aligned register bore which could cause a missed shift or premature pilot bearing failure.  Kit contains tow centerless ground dowel pins and two chamfered washers, requires use of a dial indicator, drilling, and welding at dowel pin holes.


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Ram Clutches

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J.W. Performance Transmissions "The Wheel" Flywheels

Quarter Master

Bert/Brinn Reverse Mount Bell housings 9.25" ring gear on aluminum flywheel, direct starter to flywheel engagement, separate crank hub/pump drive gear, Bell housing/starter weight is 25 Lbs.!!  Eliminates troublesome idler gear, 2.9 Lbs. rotating weight, Universal Oil Pump mount

Oil Pump or Non-Oil Pump Mounted Kits available, includes:

Button Clutch Assemblies closed style button clutches available in 5 1/2" or 7 1/4" sizes, 2 or 3 disk in 1 1/8"x 10 or 1 5/32" 26 spline.   51/2" unit weighs 30% less than 7 1/4", and has less inertia for quicker acceleration and deceleration.

Ring Gear for Reverse Mount Starter 4 styles for 5 1/2" and 7 1/4" 2 and 3 disk assemblies, 1 style for 4 1/2" 3 disk clutch assembly

Carbon-V 5.5" Clutch this carbon clutch provides lowest moment of inertia with the longest life and is directly interchangeable with the quarter master 5.5" button clutch and bell housing kits.  Available for Chevy 2 and 3 Disk for 1 1/8"x10 Spline and 1 5/32"x 26 spline versions.

Metallic Pro Series 4.5" Clutch designed for the requirements of Indy type cars to with stand the rigors of green flags and pit stop hole shots for a 500 mile race and is suitable for any asphalt racing application.  Use with a cover mounted ring gear (qtr310012) and the Bell housing (qtr110100) and the starter (qtr114260) the pro 4.5" matches any carbon clutch moment of inertia performance at a fraction of the price. Available for Chevy 1 1/8x10 spline or 1 5/32"x26 spline.

7.25 V-Drive Button Clutch Assemblies This high strength closed style billet covered clutch assembly uses a unique multiple piece pressure plate design that uses balance of leverage forces to apply the friction disk pressures evenly across all pressure plate surfaces in the clutch pack to reduce deflection in the engagement /disengagement cycle.  Comes in 2 or 3 disk in 1 1/8"x10 spline or 1 5/32" x 26 spline, requires use of QTR509121 or comparable 153 Tooth high performance flexplate that is not included. 


These guys make some unique products for clutches starters and Bell housings and accessories and they have arraigned then in semi/complete kits for your ordering conveyance.  Most of the time the parts have to be used together to operate correctly, so we have their sets listed below. 

5 1/2" ULGC Package Complete package includes 102T clutch/flywheel assembly, aluminum clutch housing, reverse mount starter, and release bearing, 3 disk 26 spline clutches for SB Chevy and SB Ford.

5 1/2" Carbon Metallic Package Carbon Metallic combination offer the absolute lowest moment of inertia and weight  Includes magnesium clutch housing, rear mounted starter, housing mounted release bearing, lightweight steel flywheel and a choice of 5 1/2" or 4.9" carbon/carbon, or 4.9" carbon/metallic clutch material in 3 disk 26 spline for SB Chevy Only.

5 1/2" Bert/Brinn Package complete packages are specifically designed for transmissions with built-in or internal clutches and include aluminum clutch housing, reverse mount starter, and flywheel.  conventional package is used when dry sump pump is mounted on the motor (No cut out in clutch housing).  Dry sump package includes an additional pulley and the clutch housing is cut out to drive the dry sump pump off the transmission input shaft. Components/variations are:

5 1/2" Steel ULGC Package Small Block Chevy package is for classes mandating steel clutch housings and imposing no restrictions on clutch size or starter location.   Package is complete with steel clutch housing, 3 disk 10 spline clutch/flywheel assembly, starter and release bearing.  Common for entry level modifieds.

5 1/2" Steel Package with Pump Mount New package is based on a lightweight ULGC steel clutch housing with the addition of a slot and bracket to accept a rear mounted pump.  Also, a 30T HTD belt driven pulley is attached to the clutch which drives the pump.   package is complete with steel clutch housing, clutch/flywheel assembly with pulley, pump pulley, 80T belt, reverse mount starter and special release bearing, pump is not included. Components/variations are:

5 1/2" Steel LGC Package are for small block Chevy packages for classes requiring steel clutch housings and stock starter locations with no specified flywheel diameter.   includes steel clutch housing, clutch/flywheel assembly, starter and release bearing.  Available  in 3 disk fine or coarse spline SB Chevy.

7 1/4" OEM Diameter Steel Packages SB Chevy packages are for use in classes where OEM diameter steel clutch housing are required.  Housings deliver maximum ground clearance and must be used with 153T flexplate (not supplied) and work with Tilton super starter or original. Clutch button plate (like a flywheel) bolts directly to flexplate (the flexplate is not included). This system is designed to get around some class's regulations, but we feel that a button plate connected to a OEM flexplate is not the best way to go, we recommend that you use a quality aftermarket flexplate if class rules permit other possible combinations.  Components/variations are:

7 1/4" OEM Diameter Packages SB Chevy packages are for classes requiring stock diameter clutches but allowing aluminum or magnesium clutch housings.  Designed to use block mounted starter and a true 153T FLYWHEEL (not a flexplate) to yield a lower moment of inertia.  Proven in use from Winston west to Winston cup racing.   Available in aluminum or mag housings, 3-disc 1 5/32" x 26 Spline

7 1/4" Button Clutch Flywheel Assemblies have lightweight flywheels with no ring gear.  Assembly may be used with an external starter or an automatic transmission flexplate.  Applications for Chevy include all V-8, 90 degree v-6, inline 6, and 153 4 cylinder (specify if 87-up crank).    Assemblies include clutch, flywheel, discs and hardware, but not the Flexplate.  If using this combination we strongly encourage the use of a high quality racing flexplate that can withstand the forces and abuse the button clutch can produce.  We recommend that you do not use a OEM flexplate with this setup, since Flexplates can develop cracks that work their way around the crankshaft bolt hole circumference.  We've replaced allot of these cracked OEM Flexplates through the years, and it is a very dangerous situation to have, since the ring gear can behave like a chain saw and will try to come through the bell housing if it lets loose.  We sometimes run our racing small blocks around 9-11 K rpm, I'd hate to be the one testing the strength of a bell housing at these extreme Rpm's due to a cracked flexplate and broken input shaft.

7 1/4" LGC (Low Ground Clearance) Clutch Flywheel Assemblies

7 1/4" Replacement parts and flywheels

Hydraulic Release Bearings

New Flywheels


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