A wide range of launching, timing, and recording components are available, varying on complexity from audio based recorders to networked laptop telemetry systems, some high end networked systems sales contingent upon fcc license approval and export restrictions

On Line Performance Parts

Computerized Engine Management systems



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MSD makes one of the best ignition system lines in the world.  Their products are legendary in the automotive aftermarket world.  They carry ignition systems, computerized timing controls, high output coils, caps rotors, wires, distributors, and a wide variety of other accessories for racing ignition systems.

Budget Ignitions

MSD 6 Series Ignitions

MSD 7 Series Ignitions

MSD 8 & 10 Ignitions

MSD GM HEI Upgrade Ignitions

MSD Timing Computers and Accessories

MSD Accessories/Tools


MSD Distributors Blaster Coils, and Accessories

Computech Systems

HyperTech High Performance Power Chips

Hypertech Performance Products allow you to retain your present OEM stock computer system, when used with their Power module, Power Stat thermostat, Power filter air filter and Power Pulleys, dramatic horsepower increases are obtained in your basically stock ride. Since the power Chips and modules are designed for a specific engine,   Detonation and other problems may occur if the correct Power chip is not used, therefore it is important that you correctly identify your engine.  Chips are available for most Vehicles, call for available applications and pricing.

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Aftermarket switching panels and control centers

Auto Rod Controls (ARC)

In dash switch panels
Part    Description
#3100 In Dash Panel
#3101 In Dash Nitrous Switch Panel
#3700 Pro Stock Overhead Switch Panel
#3701 Pro Stock Overhead Switch Panel
#3720 Overhead membrane Switch Control
#3721 In Dash Membrane Switch Control
#3770 Overhead Pro Stock Control Painless wiring control centers
          5 - 6  Switch Nitrous Oxide Control Centers for 2 and 3 stage nitrous systems
#85300 Deist Safety Nomex Spark Plug Wire Cover 
#85100 Nomex Computer Cable Cover
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Launching Management


Racing Management Controls see also carbs and transmissions to locate the other Dedenbear products to complete your automated launching system. Remember you don't dare to mess with the Bear, Dedenbear launching products!

Reaction Time Delay #rtd-7
Crossover reaction time Delay #CO-2
Super Crossover Reaction Time Delay #SCO-1
Delay Box installation Kit #1-IK

Trans Brake Switches
PBSRTD Standard Trans Brake Switch
PBSXL Extra Large Button Trans Brake Switch

Two Stage Throttle Stop Controller #TSC-2A
Four Stage Throttle Stop controller #TSC-4
Linkage stop/starting line controller
TS10  complete kit minus the air bottle
TS10K  complete kit including air bottle
Air Bottle kit 10 oz #ab10K
Co2 Bottle kit 10 oz #ab10V
Regulator 0-160 PSI #ABR
Bottle Clamps
ab10c-1/4 fits 1-1/4" Dia Tubing
ab10c-1/2 fits 1-1/2" Dia Tubing
ab10c-5/8 fits 1-5/8" Dia Tubing
ab10c-3/4 fits 1-3/4" Dia Tubing
ab10c-7/8 fits 1-7/8" Dia Tubing
ab10c-2 fits 2" Dia Tubing
ab10c Weld in bottle Clamp (1 ea.)

Three speed shifter
part 	Description
as1k	Complete kit with Air Bottle
as1rpm  Kit Minus the Air Bottle
as1     Air Shifter Only

Dedenbear Powerglide Transmission Case #PG1000
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Rebelite Warning Systems calibrated and race tested engine warning light systems allow the driver to concentrate on driving while the Rebelights watch over the engine.   Rebelite kits include light, sending unit, tee fitting for back of gauge, 6 feet of heat resistance wire, terminals, instructions and label.  Sensors and light kits can also be used to trigger events like shutting down or turning on a master ignition switch or fuel pump power relay, or just about any other electrically powered systems on your vehicle. 


call for applications and prices

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