Con Rods

Use quality aftermarket connecting rods when building for extreme power levels that require minimal connecting rod flexing and stretching. On extreme drag race engines, it is wise to replace connecting rods every season since they tend to weaken as they get used more and get older

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Connecting Rods

Carillo Connecting Rods

SB Chevy

BB Chevy

Childs & Albert Steel Rods

SB Chevy SuperStock

BB Chevy SuperStock

383/426/440 Mopar 4340 Steel

Eagle Steel Connecting Rods

Each "SIR I-Beam" 5140 Forged Connecting rods is  x-rayed, sonic tested, magnafluxed and shotpeened to stress relieve the metal, choice of press fit or bushed for floating pins, packaged in weight matched sets +\- 2 grams

Each "ESP" 4340 Forged 3-D Stroker Design connecting rods are surface machined, multi-stage heat treated, x-rayed, magnafluxed, sonic tested and shot peened to provide the strength and durability required in unlimited engines at a sportsman rod price.

LaPouttre Racing Products

Extreme Value Connecting rods for the discriminating racer


Lunati Connecting Rods

Pro Billet Connecting Rods

Pro Mod 4340 Connecting Rod

Street Race Rod

Manley Connecting Rods

SB Chevy Steel H-Beam

BB Chevy Steel H-Beam

SB Chevy SportsMaster I Beam

BB Chevy SportsMaster I Beam

Pro Series I Beam

Oliver Connecting Rods

Ultimate I-Beam Rods in both Big Block Chevy Maximum (used for BB Supercharged/Blown endurance motors like blown alcohol hydroplanes where constant 8,200 RPM and 1500 HP are common) and Big Block Chevy Series (used for Super modified Pavement and rat motor drag cars)

Oliver Small Journal

Oliver Standard Journal

Oliver Tall Deck/Standard Journal

Oliver Max Standard Journal

Oliver Standard Weight Series

Oliver Chevy Limited Series

Oliver Chevy Ultra Light Series

Oliver Pontiac/Mopar Series

Oliver Chevy Super Speedway Series

Oliver Forged I-Beam Rods


Aluminum Connecting Rods

Childs & Albert Forged Billet Aluminum Connecting Rods

50 Series

100 Series

150 Series

200 Series

250 Series

SB Chevy Aluminum Rods

BB Chevy Aluminum Rods

460 Ford Aluminum Rods

440 Mopar Aluminum Rods

Fowler Billet Aluminum Rods

SB Chevy

BB Chevy

BB Mopar

Custom Applications

Manley Pro Style SB/BB Chevy Aluminum Rods

Call for specific application availability and pricing

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