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Engine builders and Value Added Resellers of our services sometimes need engine consultations to better serve their customers specifications requirements.  We offer the same services to the general public, that become our customers. 

It is better to ask a full time racing engines builder on what components they recommend, than purchasing the incorrect parts at extreme prices, only to find out later that they are inferior in quality and dependability. 

We want to help everybody that we service in getting the most bang for the buck.  The fact is that many telephone customers ask about our "tricks" and component usage, only to take time away from our machinist's and engine builder's work day, then they purchase parts from a national mail order catalog run by nameless and faceless people.

Just to let you know, our Lady owner of On Line Performance parts knows more about engine building then most racers. She actually likes to tear down big block Chevys, to see where they have failed, to see what components work best and which ones don't, so her customers get the best products available.  She owns On Line Performance Parts, if you respect her knowledge, she will save you money. In short, never underestimate a woman who knows what she is doing!

On Line Performance Parts has a very friendly working relationship with LaPouttre Racing Heads \ Engines, and every customer receives the best advice from both businesses.  We recommend the use of LaPouttre Racing Heads \ Engines computerized racing engine building software to further enhance the performance potential of every customer's specific application.

LaPouttre Racing offers engine building consultation, at a rate that is very competitive.  The general principle is that our On Line Performance Parts sales representatives will steer you straight on your parts purchase.   If you want absolutely the best in engine design and building with out typical "trial and error" parts purchases, then become a customer in LaPouttre Racing Engines \ Heads engine simulation services.

By using the engine simulation services, you will become one of our most valued customers, and we can help you with all your needs.  The cost of this fine service will justify any purchasing decisions with computerized results that are unsurpassed by anyone.  The accuracy of our software package is usually within 2-5 horsepower + or - in a typical 800HP small block Chevy racing engine, as compared with the local engine dyno that we use.  Not all dyno's are the same, and not all engine simulation software packages are the same, our readings may not be as high as those whom are trying to sell parts with "over-inflated big numbers", since dyno standards are non existent between manufacturers of this type of testing equipment.

Please Visit Our dynamic Computerized Engine building, Race Car engine building simulation page at simul1.htm

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