High stall Torque Converters should be matched with the proper transmission components to ensure reliability. The use of high stall torque converters are extremely benificial to the drag racer, but decrease the drivability for street use, please use the properly matched components

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Torque Converters

Torque converters come in all sorts of sizes in different stall speeds, for lock up and non-lock up

transmission configurations for many different applications. Chrysler products need the torque

converter to be balanced to specific engine displacement, please specify engine components and

displacement so a properly balanced torque converter can be shipped for your Mopar. Some

Chevys are internal and some are externally balanced (400 SB, 454 BB), so specify your block and


B & M Automotive


Coan Engineering Racing Torque Converters

Jerico Racing Components


Heavy Duty Flexplates   made from thicker than stock steel plate, enabling them to with

stand the stress of high stall torque converters and high rpm operation.  Large diameter 168 tooth ring gear

securely welded in place and features dual bolt patterns for use with either powerglide or turbo hyrdomatic torque

converters, zinc plated and meet SFI 29.1 Specs

Inertia Flexplates made from heavier than stock high quality steel enabling them to produce a

stronger initial starting line launch.  Reaction and 60 foot times are improved while engine maintains constant

rpm levels between shifts resulting in more consistent ET's.  Comes complete with 168 tooth ring gear and

features dual bolt patterns for either powerglide or turbo hydromatic torque converters.  Weighs 13 Lbs. and

meets SFI 29.1 specs.

LaPouttre Racing Products

Extreme Value SFI certified Flexplates

TCI Torque Converters

TurboAction Torque Converters

Call for application availability and current prices

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