Forged crankshaft absorb the shock of high rpm launching, good cranks don't normally crack, inferior cranks always crack

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Forged Racing Crankshafts


Callies crankshafts are manufactured from the finest 4340 and 5140 c.p.pi. forgings, available in strokes from 3.000"-4.000".  All journals are micro-finished to 5 microns or better and out of roundness is held to less than 60 millionths.  Inertia-Light cranks balance without the need for heavy metal are also available.  All c.p..p.i. cranks are manufactured with the exclusive Callies high speed oiling system which provides longer bearing life due to the uniform oil thickness and consistency.

Options (for all cranks)

Options for 4340 Cranks


"ESP" 4340 Crankshafts, 4340 Steel Non-Twist Forging, multi-stage head treat, 100% x-rayed, magnafluxed and sonic tested, stress relieved and shot peened, .125" radius on rad and main journals, Knife-Edged counterweights, precision ground and micro-polished nitrided journals, cross drilled and chamfered oil holes

"ESP" Cast Steel Crankshafts, economically priced cast steel crankshafts for Small Block Chevy and Ford  engines.  New std./std. crankshaft offers reliability at an affordable price.  Each "ESP" crankshaft is inspected for dimension, size and stroke accuracy.


Scat Cranks

Cast Steel

SBFord Cast 302 Sportsman
SBFord Cast Sportsman
351W Ford Cast Sportsman
383 SB Chevy Stroker
383 SB Chevy Sportsman (1pc RMain)
SBChevy Cast 400
SBChevy Cast 350 Sportsman
SBChevy Cast 350 Sportsman

Forged Steel

SBChevy Forged 350, 57 Lbs.
SBChevy Forged 400, 57 Lbs.

LaPouttre Racing Products

Extreme Value Crankshafts for the racer with limited sponsorship and discriminating tastes

Nodular Iron Steel Crankshafts

Forged 4340 and 5140 Steel Crankshafts


4340 Steel Non Twist Steel Forging, Factory warranted against breakage for 1 year if factory balanced in UnBlown BBlock Chevy 3.750"-4.500" Stroke and UnBlown SBlock Chevy 3.000"-3.750" Stroke, require chamfered bearings.

SB Chevy (2.100 Pin Size)

Pro Light Series Small Block Chevy

Designed to reduce the moment of inertia and accelerate quickly in the 9.0:1 racing classes.  Intended to be used with LUNATI Pro Billet rods and 330 gram pistons.

Harmonic Equalization Damper Crankshaft

Designed for sprint cars and blower applications that cannot use a harmonic damper (Balancer).  Pendulum style damper are installed in each end of the crankshaft to produce a resonance frequency equal to two times the engine speed, counteracting the crankshaft's fourth order harmonics.  In short, if you can't use a good harmonic damper, this is the crankshaft for you, it will increase your engine's life.


Racer Series Small Block Chevrolet

Racer series crankshafts offer same high standards as the Pro Series, with the exception that there is no contour work done.  Available in 3.480" - 3.500" - and 3.750" stroke only, must use chamfered bearings.

Street Master Small Block Chevrolet

Designed for the street racer's budget in mind, pin arms are not ground smooth and crank is not heat treated, available in only one stroke configuration 3.480" with 350 main and rod journals.

Pro Series Big Block Chevrolet

One of the finest Big Block Chevy cranks available on the market today.  Counterweights have the contoured wing design, surface finish of the shaft is a grade 5 RMS., shaft is heat treated using plasma gas nitrite, resulting in high compressive loads, which gives higher cycle bending fatigue strength. 2.200 Pin Size, must use chamfered bearings.

Pro Blower Series Big Block Chevrolet

Designed to withstand the extreme pressures when using a roots type supercharger/blower.  They have dual keyways and the flange is drilled to either 1/2" or 7/16", rod and main bearings must be chamfered, uses 2.200 Pin Size.

Racer Series Big Block Chevrolet

Same high quality as the pro series, except there is no contour work done

Pro Series Chrysler Hemi

4340 Forged Hemi crankshaft is only manufactured for fuel and alcohol cars, only available in 4.500" stroke.

Race Prep Series

Reworked factory cast cranks for Chevy and Fords.  All cranks are magnafluxed, shot peened with some detailing to the casting, and oil holes detailed.  they are custom ground to correct the index and stroke using racing tolerances before being micro polished.  the new castings are standard, however the remanufactured shafts can be up to .020" undersize on the mains and rod journals.

GM Factory Racing

SBChevy Forged

SBChevy Nitrided

BBChevy 427 Forged

BBChevy 454/502

SBChevy 4340 Competition

Ford Special Vehicle Operations

MOPAR Performance

Complete Custom engine/crankshaft  balancing requires consultation, shipment of piston, connecting rods, flywheel, and
other parts shipped with crankshaft.  In some instances the use of "Stroker" Crankshafts may require block modifications.

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