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Axles Gear Sets And Differential Components

There are three popular styles of heavy duty differentials, the GM 12 Bolt, the Dana "60" and the 9" Ford.   We carry complete lines for these OEM "heavy duty" rear ends, but also carry parts for the lesser known units from American Motors 8 bolt, Chrysler 8.25 / 8.375 / 8.75 / 9.25 , Dana 28 / 30 / 36 / 44 / 60 / 61 / 70 HD / 70U / 80, Ford 7.5 / 8.80 / 9.00 / 10.25  , GM 7.50 / 7.625 / 8.20 / 8.25 / 8.40 / 8.50 / 9.50 / 10.25 /  12 Bolt Car, 12 Bolt Truck, In addition to superior quality Mark Williams and Strange Engineering drive line and chassis components.  Not all differentials have the same spline counts for the axle /  carrier/ gear sets .  Axle splines range in sizes from 27 to 40, depending upon manufacturer and application.  The larger number of splines on an axle, the stronger the fit / connection to other components in the differential it becomes. A 35 tooth custom axle spline is almost 89% stronger than a OEM 30 tooth spline, and a 40 tooth custom axle spline is 33% stronger than it's 35 tooth after market counterpart.  So in short, after market  35 - 40 tooth street/strip/track hardened axles are some of the strongest components available and are a must for 4x4's that use high stall torque converters and large off road style tires. We have some customers who replace axles in their 4x4's 3-4 times a year, instead of buying a heavy duty after market  axle once.  They love their high power engines, love to spin those big tires in the mud bogs, but stock axles will not take the abuse that our LaPouttre Racing Engines can dish out.   As the saying goes, you can pay me a little more now or pay me allot more later.

Gears  define on how a vehicle will run in a specified rpm range/ speed and how it will accelerate.  Gear Ratios range greatly from 2.72 to 6.50.  Low ratio gears  like "2.73" are best suited for vehicles where gas mileage on the highway is the major concern.  Ratios of 4.56" and above are strictly for acceleration, such as drag racing or stop and go city driving while towing heavy loads.  If your into occasional towing in the hills or street/strip racing, then a gears set ratio of 3.73 or 4.11 range will be your best choice of both worlds.  Please contact us with your application, differential model and style, and other particulars like engine displacement, torque converter stall speed, and transmission gear ratios and vehicle tire sizes so we can tailor the proper differential gears set for your use.

Hardened axles provide superior fatigue strength ensuring dependable launches in drag racing applications.  Nothing is more dangerous than a broken axle in a drag car racing uncontrollably down the track.   Ensure your safety by using our selection of light weight hardened racing axles.

Hardened Yokes and C-Clip eliminators are essential in many drag racing sanctioning bodies.  Yoke failure can literally bounce the driveshaft through the bottom of a vehicle creating a very dangerous situation for the racer.  C-clip failure can launch the axle and rear wheel assemblies right from under the vehicle while running down the track, creating a missile that can kill unsuspecting spectators in the stands.  While designing and building a racing differential, it is a good piece of insurance to install a hardened yoke assembly and c-clip eliminators to prevent catastrophic failure that will sideline you  at the track.

We can have LaPouttre Racing Engines/Heads custom manufacture any rear end for most any application. On Line Performance Parts sells those as well as off the shelf and custom units manufactured by Mark Williams and Strange Engineering as listed below.  A LaPouttre differential assembly takes approximately 6-8 weeks lead time from payment to final delivery to you door.   A Williams or Strange stocked differential assembly can take a week or two for delivery, a custom unit takes approximately 10-12 weeks for delivery.  Call in advance for availability and pricing.


Ring and Pinions Sets


Spools and Mini-Spools

Bearing Kits

Installation Kits

Super Shim Packs

Driveshaft Yokes

Aluminum Rear End Girdles

Quick Change Rear Gears Sets

C-Clip Eliminators

Warn Locking Hubs

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Chassis Engineering

Complete assembled and race ready rear ends (additional  Options available)

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Moser Engineering

Street / Strip Axles, many popular styles including those listed below

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Mark Williams Enterprises

Mark Williams makes an extensive line of high quality racing components, some of the best drive line and chassis racing components in the business.  I can tell you that his products are of top quality, we can almost guarantee their timely service to us for returns and customer support during the racing season to almost anywhere in the entire country. 

Standard Hi-Torque Axles

Gun Drilled Hi-Torque Axles

Super light Hi-Torque Axles

Custom Oval Track Hi-Torque Axles

In Stock Oval Track Hi-Torque Axles

Pro Street Axles

Bolt On Axle Retainer Kits

Housing ends

Wheel Studs

Pro Street Detroit Lockers

Stainless, Aluminum and Titanium Lug Nuts, Drive Studs, and Snap Washer Lug Nuts

Standard Spools

Light Weight Profile Milled Spools

Titanium Spools

Aluminum Spools

Drilled Ring Gear Bolts, Safety Wire and Pliers

Mini-Spools , Spacers, Cross Pins

Locking Differentials

Posi Traction Units (Cone and Clutch)

Standard, Pro, Large Pinion Pro Gear Sets

Gear Installation Kits and Videos

Pinion Depth Checker / Measuring Tools

Race Ready Ford 9" 3rdMembers, Complete Rears

Ford 9" Axle Housings, 3rdMember Cases, Cases, Pinion Supports

Standard and Lightweight Spools, Mini-Spools and Cross Pins

Modular 4-Link Axle Housings / Assemblies

9" Modular Econo/Comp Housings / Assemblies

12 Bolt Aluminum Modular Housings / Assemblies

Modular / Floater End Bells

Full Floater Housings / Assemblies (including Carbon/Carbon Hubs)

Housing Ends, Retainer Plates, Bolt kits and Narrowing Tools

4340 Forged Transmission and Pinion Yokes

Rapid Release Transmission Yokes

Aluminum Transmission Yokes

Rear End and Transmission Couplers (Regular and Quick Disconnect)

4-Link Titanium Bolt Kits

4-Link 4130 Hardware Kits

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Strange Engineering

Strange Engineering is the premier   fore runner in high performance drive line manufacturing and axle heat treatment using exotic top quality materials.  The Thru-Hard (Hy-Tuf) axles are fully heat treated through out to a Rc 46-48 full depth hardness,  the best quality that you can buy for the track.  The S/S and S/T Axles are induction hardened Rc 58-62 (hardness decreases from the surface to the axle's core).  The S/S axles are 31 spline and are  ideal for the street use, much stronger than stock.  The S/T Axles are Street / Strip 35 Spline Axles where the 35 splines make for a stronger axle connection to the differential gears / components. S/S and S/T axles are for when you need some ductile flex to meet the extreme demands that pot holes and curb shots put on your favorite ride, since a fully hardened axle would not bend under these conditions.   The harder a metal becomes, the less it will flex before it "shatters" like glass, though it will be essentially stronger before it breaks.  The Thru - hardened axles might not flex under certain extreme street conditions (like high speed pot holes or side loading curb shots), where as the S/S and S/T Axles would "Flex" and mostly retain their shape.  All Thru-Hardened axles are NHRA and IHRA accepted and work fantastically at the track, where there are no pot holes at the end of the quarter mile.  All S/S and S/T are NHRA and IHRA accepted and will work when your cruising down the street, the dirt roads, the highway, the track, and will probably handle more than the average occasional pot hole and curb shot.  If your running only at the track, Thru-Hardened is the only way to go.  If your going from point a to b, Induction hardened S/T axles are your best choice. If money is of concern, and you need stronger than stock axles, then S/S axles are the way to go,  though the S/T axles only cost a little bit more. Products from Strange engineering are legendary in their quality and customer support, we strongly encourage their use.

Axle bearings and C-Clip Eliminators

Axle Gun Drilling and Lightening

Axle Retaining Plates

Axle Stud Kits

Pro Race Axles

Pro Race Axles (40 spline)

Pro Race Axles (Ultra Light)

Pro Race Axle "Packages"

S/S Axles

S/S & S/T Axle "Packages"

S/T Series Axles

Center Section Components

Cases 9" Ford Nodular and Aluminum

Cases 12-Bolt Aluminum "Drop Out"

Components 12-Bolt "Drop Out"

Components 9" ford

Components Dana "60"

Gear Sets and Installation Kits

Gear Set Lightening service

Lightweight Ford 9" Components

Pinion Supports Ford 9"

Posi-Units and Lockers

Spools (lightweight Pro

Spools 12 Bolt "Drop Out"

Spools S/T Series

Spools "Mini"

Spool Bearing Kits

Housing Components

Bare Housings

Floater Kits and Components

Housing Ends (Forged)

Main Support Caps

Rear End Aluminum Girdles

Packages and Rear End Assemblies

Pro Race Axle Packages

S/S & S/T Axle Packages

Center Sections

Complete Rear End Dana "60"

Complete Rear End 9" Ford

Complete Rear End 9" Mustang "Bolt In"

Complete Rear End Live Axle 10.5"/11.5"

Complete Rear End Live Axle 9"/9.5"

Complete Rear End Aluminum 26" Housing

Strut Packages (Forged Aluminum)

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Winters Performance Products

Circle Track "Quick Change" Rear Ends

We use the best parts and value from the following manufacturers and distributors

not all products that we carry are listed due to the large range of applications


Auburn Gear



DTS (Drive Train Specialists)


Ford Motorsport

Lock Right

Moser Engineering

Motive Gear

Richmond Gear




US Gear

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