We recommend the use of racing distributers and their matched components for any engine that sees high rpm levels. By keeping the ignition system operational without rpm float or allowing any timing deviations, your engine will become more efficient and will run smother

On Line Performance Parts

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MSD Distributors

MSD makes a full line of billet racing distributors for the most demanding racer.  Their quality and craftsmanship shows up as being one of the most sought after performance product lines in the aftermarket automotive ignition industry.

MSD Distributors & Accessories

MSD Crank Trigger Distributors

MSD Crank Trigger Distributors require a crank trigger system (see below) for use.  These distributors have no magnetic pickup or advance assemblies.

MSD Flying Magnet Crank Triggers and Kits

MSD GM HEI Upgrade Ignitions

MSD GM HEI Upgrade Ignitions

MSD Computerized Ignitions

MSD Pro Mag systems

Magneto systems for demanding racers who don't want to worry about points batteries or having the proper charging system, also mandatory for certain aircraft.  Consists of generator and electronic points box, comes in two different systems, the pro mag 12 and the pro mag 44. Generator housings come in Chevrolet, Ford and Band Clamp mounts.  Additional components available to complete MSD Pro Mag system, call for details and technical advice.



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MSD Blaster Coils

MSD Coil Accessories

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