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Driveshafts Yokes and U-Joints

Drive shafts put the power from the transmission to the differential of the vehicle.  You want drives shafts to be strong, lightweight and balanced. Driveshafts come in many different styles, from direct coupled to, Split Shaft Center Bearing Yoke and U-Joint assemblies. The styles depend upon application use and chassis configuration.  When racing, hardened solid driveshafts (and yoke assemblies) are the best way to protect yourself and your vehicle.  A drive shaft can rip itself apart, just like twisting a wet paper towel tube against the spiral structure direction, it unravels!  Almost all OEM driveshafts are of the hollow type, and they can lead to this type of failure when applying racing torque levels to them when launching off the starting line.


Mark Williams

Chassis Engineering



Drive Shaft Safety Loops

Pinion Yokes,  Transmission Yokes, Slip Yokes, and Couplers

U-Bolts and U-Joints, Conversion U-Joints, Competition U-Joints

Driveshaft RPM sensors are located in the computer section

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