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Engine Building / Long /  Short Block Assembly

We can build your engine in various stages, as you require.  Our basic rate for assembly is $400 U.S.  for an American based engine, OEM / street build assembly, on a first come / first served basis.  This rate is only for assembly, and does not include any "extras" such as balancing / blueprinting, installation, or any other required machine shop work, any parts, modifications or "add ons".   Depending upon circumstance, initial engine startup support service may be required.

Cylinder Head Rebuilding Prices are as follows

When you consider that the other shops charge $65 U.S. Book rate or more, and the Book's general time allotment is sometimes around 9 - 13 hours depending upon make and model, we save you big  money in the long run.  We do not want to put down the reputation of other builders, but would you rather have a race engine builder assemble your motor, instead of a local shop mechanic that could be working on a oil change and lube one day, a hose replacement the next, and then replacing a windshield or stereo the next?  Do you want to trust your new motor with somebody who only works on rebuilding an engine maybe once a month?  Then to be charged $600 to $900 for his "part time" services?  If your like most logical people, and need professional motor work performed, please go out and compare us to the others. 

A recent prime example of a specialty racing engine is that company x wants $55K each for a Unlimited OffShore Racing Engine. They stated that it will take 11 months to complete both motors.  After we talked with our suppliers, distributors, and figured out why the previous engine building attempts from the customer's prior mechanics didn't meet their promised expectations, we figured that we can put together a better quality package, under their required time, at a subsidized savings of almost 20K when two engines are purchased.  The subsidized savings is part of our advertising campaign, this requires the customer to place our advertising on both their racing boat and their support trailers, at highly visible locations that are agreed upon by both parties for a set period of time, helping us establish our name recognition with their racing performance.  We do not offer this special rate to the general public for their family taxi since our prices are already pretty low and it would be a "ticket catcher" if they are running lights.  If you take a look at our willingness to work with our racing customers, you will be impressed with our quality services and attention to detail when we assemble your racing, commuter, or industrial motor. 

The above assembly prices reflect a standard assembly.  Assemblies for certain racing class specifications and those that require attention to detail for different modifications are subject to additional charges, as determined when they are requested / performed.  Express engine building services are available at an additional cost since we have to pay our workers overtime, feed them, call their wives to explain, and temporarily re-scheduled our other regular customers waiting in line to the next normal working day.   We do not want to put aside our regular customers, so our racers express services are performed solely on a overtime basis, at a additional cost to our regular prices.

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