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8.55 E.T. 159 MPH 510 C.I. Big Block Chevy Camaro running a 850 Carb

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Custom Racing Heads \ Engines

Tailored to meet strict Class Specifications

In Motor Sports the engine that makes the most Horsepower and
torque is the engine to beat. 
The engine that makes it first to the finish line is the engine that wins.
Building dependable power plants to produce World Class
Horsepower levels in their respective sanctioning Motor Sports and
Class's is no easy task.   
The balancing act of matching components to enhance Performance
while providing extreme service reliability is a art that the Master
Engine Builder has. 
The Goal is providing a power plant combination that puts the racer
consistently in the winner's circle.

New Jeep Modification:

Hot from the machine shop.  Now Jeep owners can have the benefits

of free breathing heads just like their competitions.  By using our

modification techniques, we can make your Jeep type in line six

cylinder engine produce extreme mid range power levels. 

Dramatically increases low end torque where you need it the most,

at the initial crack off idle through full throttle.

We can take a existing Jeep head and install our custom made

aftermarket high performance hardened valves,

high performance springs, and port and flow the head castings for

you to bolt on in your driveway.  Our head modifications with a free

flowing intake and exhaust can bring high performance life into

your favorite American SUV. 

This makes a durable top end for all jeep owners who need the

extra low end torque when climbing that mountain or ridge.

Custom short block assemblies made with our own design nitrous

custom pistons are also available.

Call for details.

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