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Fuel Injection Systems


Ford 5.0L EFI V-8 Manifold

BBK High Flo Throttle Bodies & High Flo EGR Plates

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Enderle Fuel Injection Systems and Components

Blower Injectors

Includes metering valve, ss fuel lines, nozzles, distribution block, idle check valve, bypass pills, and high pressure relief valve (Nitro metering valve only). Blower injectors are available with rubber lines and square or round butterflies.

Tunnel Ram Injectors

includes injector hats, methanol valve, idle and secondary check valves, bypass pills, distribution block, nozzles and fuel lines for manifold

Fuel Filters 3" diameter 40 micron reusable stainless steel screen, fits in between fuel tank and pump

Fuel Pumps  80 series fuel pumps are of positive displacement design and are easily reversible for timing covers or belt drives.

Shut Off Valves Manually operated valve is located between the fuel pump and injector.  Returns fuel back to tank when in "off" position.

Belt Drive Pump Assemblies available for most popular engines and can be used with stock water pumps

Front Drive Covers

Check Valves

Nozzles and Jets

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Holley Pro Jection Competition Fuel Injection Units

Holley Pro Jection 4 900cfm four barrel model 3400

#504-1 2x2 projection 4 1340 CFM dual two barrel model 3200 #502-221

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HILBORN Fuel Injectors

Call for specifications and pricing (Under Construction )

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