Here are the components kits for the Jr. Dragster and karting racing applications so the junior racer in your pits can have the same excitement and feel of winning with the Big Boys

On Line Performance Parts

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Jr. Dragster, Kart Racing and Lawnmowers

Lunati Stroker Crankshaft for 5 H.P. Engine

Crankshaft main bearings and seals

Valve Springs

Valves (Briggs)


Billet Aluminum Rod

Fel Pro Gasket Sets

Jr. Dragster and Kart Rotating Assemblies


Cast Iron


Must use Super Duty Valve Springs for cams that have .360" Lift or more

Billet Tappets

A Word of caution when using these parts for your lawn mower.   Lawn mowers tend to gain high power levels when modified, but the ability of rocks to launch great distances also increases. If you intend to rebuild your lawnmower with these parts, use check your yard for junk when mowing since rocks, wire and other obstacles tend to destroy windshields, paint jobs and can cause bodily injury when hit by the blade.


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