See the machine shop equipment required to make the foundation of all racing engines. Without the proper foundation, no house will last, and the same applies to your powerplant

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Boring mill with block true attachment

Blocks and heads warp and twist. Square and True blocks and cylinder heads are the first step in building a solid reliable racing engine.By making sure that all the surfaces of the block and cylinder heads are square and true, the engine is blueprinted to a single frame of reference. That is a single solid surface to base all blueprinted coordinates from, a solid reference plane. All additional block machine preparation will be square and true to the reference plane. Making sure that all functioning parts operate upon a base that is not out of alignment, this reduces static and reciprocal vibration. You can have the straightest, most balanced crankshaft, but if the block and the cylinders are not perfectly true to the main bearing journals, you will be losing power and your components will be side loading, promoting wear and stress. Add this unprepared engine to the stresses of a high performance camshaft and induction system, and you spell disaster right off the bat.

Align Hone machine in Tank

Align Hone

This align hone is used to square up and size main bearing journals in blocks and over head cam journals in OHC heads. Years and high miles can throw a block and cylinder head out of alignment. Twisting and turning of the block and cylinder head can throw the crank out of alignment as it is spinning. By making sure that the block main bearing journals are perfectly straight and properly sized allows the boring mill to reference 90 degrees for each cylinder's alignment/relationship to the crankshaft. By making sure that there is 90 degrees from the reference of the spinning crankshaft center to the center line of the cylinder bore, then the piston travels true to the crank's spinning mass.

Boring Mill

Boring Mill

This boring mill bores out the cylinders 90 degrees off center from the center of the crankshaft. The cylinders have to be in perfect alignment so the piston travels true to the crankshaft. The boring mill removes the materiel in a precise manner to insure that there is a perfect fit for the piston and rings. The boring mill leaves the cylinders a bit smaller than the finished size, since the cylinders will be power honed to the precise fit and proper finish for the piston ring type used.

Power Hone machine

Power Hone

The CK-10 power hone is used after the boring mill to finish up the cylinder walls for a perfect fit. Different piston rings require different finishes, different honing patterns. Since boring and honing functions are performed with deck plates to simulate the stresses of having the head attached, true alignment of cylinder surfaces are possible. The proper fit is essential to the racer. The straighter the piston travel and seal during the cylinder stroke, the more compression due to less leakage, less vibration and friction due to being true to connecting components, more power is created.

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This Lathe is used for parts fabrication and to micro polish crankshaft journals.

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Magnaflux Crack Testers

This Magnaflux tester is very important in inspecting parts before all the expensive machine work is done to them. It stinks when you spent all sorts of money, only to find out later that the part is bad. All that time and money is wasted on something that can't be used. Why would anybody use parts that are not tested? In junk yard motors that are so called "good runners" you might have a cracked crank or connecting rod and not even know it. When rebuilding all motors, all the parts should be checked after hot tanked and properly cleaned. By using a broken or cracked component in a rebuild or completely re-manufactured engine, you're just waiting for disaster to happen. If you don't take the time and pay the extra expense of checking parts, you can spend money on machine shop work on a internal engine component that may or may not work. If the part breaks, it will shorten the expected life of that engine. Do you want to be unsure of that motor you just rebuilt and spent hard earned money on? We believe that you should use only good thoroughly cleaned and checked components before machine shop work is applied to them

cylinder head seat and guide machine picture

Cylinder Head Seat and Guide Machine

This cylinder head seat and guide machine is very important to align the valve guides and seats during installation. The proper alignment for valve face and seats area determines the quality of the cylinder seal, engine cycle after engine cycle. Proper pressure and compression ratios in every cylinder rely on piston rings and valve to seat contact. By insuring that the seats and valve face symmetry operates in proper alignment, that there is no variation in cylinder pressure due to valve leakage from cycle to cycle and cylinder to cylinder.

Connecting Rod Resizing machine

Connecting Rod Re-Sizing Machine

This connecting rod re-sizing machine makes sure that all connecting rods are re-sized to the exact specifications for proper engine operation and fit. Connecting rods should be used only after testing for cracks, installation of new rod bolts and nuts, finishing and hardening, and after the ends are re-sized to the exact fit. The connecting rod's ends have to be exactly on center and square to the piston wrist pin and crankshaft rod journals. Any misalignment will promote vibration and early piston wear resulting from off center flexing and twisting of the connecting rod/piston assembly as it operates. Any rod length deviation(stretching) resulting from over revving can result in piston to valve interference damaging the piston and valves, or piston to cylinder ridge contact resulting in a broken piston top ring, or piston dome to spark plug contact. There have been cases where the piston contact would close the spark plug gap to full contact, thus turning off the sparkplug's spark, after hitting the plug at top dead center. This was an intermittent problem, resulting only after full engine warm up, when the engine components were at their largest expanded size. Spacing out the spark plugs only temporarily fixed the problem, since a stretched connecting rods had to be replaced, resulting in engine tear down and complete removal, back to the shop for what could have been avoided if the rods were re-sized properly the first time.

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