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Ratified Racing Pro Eliminator Drag Boat, #2 in last years Points Standing, Performing a 7.76 E.T. 1/4 Mile Drag

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Marine Engine Modifications

Modified Marine Engines used for recreation benefit from
LaPouttre Racing Heads in increasing performance Through
increased air efficiency to the combustion chamber.   By
working with different marine component combinations, high
performance boating is a reality to separate you from the
crowd.   By increasing horsepower and torque, your boat will
go on plane faster and will also have a increased top end
speed, in addition to better mileage at cruising speeds.  
Performance increases depend upon level of modification and
the intended end use. 
For Performance Marine Nitrous packages, internal engine
components need to be matched to exacting marine
The addition of various Automated engine management
systems are considered essential in nitrous marine operation
due to the additional performance increase, and the ability of
the prop leaving contact with the water. Under these conditions
extreme rpm levels can happen at a fraction of a second in
race modified engines, faster than any corrective action
possible by the throttle man. Electronic engine management
systems are essential to ensure that the race modified marine
engine stays safely within the designed rpm limits. With out
these types of controls, all it takes is a split second to destroy
a high horsepower, high torque marine racing engine
A prime example of what LaPouttre Racing Heads/Engines
can do for your boat is represented in Mr. Brent Clark's 27'
Baja Sport Boat. Mr. Clark was having a problem with smaller
boats keeping up with his 27 footer. He didn't like the idea
that a 20 foot runabout with a small block could keep up with
his sleek 27 footer on the Saginaw river. Mr. Clark went to
LaPouttre Racing and had them rebuild, flow enhance, and
blueprint the engine. Off came the restrictive Stock head castings,
they were replaced with some free breathing dart oval port
heads that were pocket ported and port matched with the intake
manifold. Then it was noticed that the cam was in need of
replacement, so a high torque Lunati camshaft was installed and
degreed for higher top end. A single engine 27' Baja Sport boat,
which top end was 56 mph (around the speed of many 20' boats
with small blocks installed), is now faster out of the hole, and on
plane quicker, and has a top end of 78 MPH!!! without nitrous or
major short block modifications. I do have to say that a single
engine 27' boat doing 78 mph on the river is a impressive site and
is on the same level of the equivalent class categories on the
offshore racing circuit. Mr. Clark was more than impressed since
many local marine engine builders would only suggest 5 - 8 miles
faster (top end speeds), instead of a whopping 22 Mph quicker top
end on the water. LaPouttre Racing Heads \ Engines special
expertise in head porting and flow matching made the difference
from a nominal increase of 5 mph from other companies, to an
astonishing 22 mph increase in top end speed.
Our friends at Ratified Racing have experienced substantial gains
in performance in their Pro Eliminator Hydro drag racing boat.
Last year (1998)they took second in A.D.B.A. points standings, an
incredible feat. This year we took the NDBA and ADBA series points
championship, which means the first place prize's.  A feat accomplished
partly due to our new computerized engine management building
software that allows equipment to be tested prior to purchasing
the parts and physically building the actual motor. Look for Butch
Blow and his Stinger Hitch systems/Keizer-Morris Ratified Racing
team at your local drag boat races. He will be the guy pushing
over a thousand horsepower and running a 7.84 second
quarter mile on the water in a sleek yellow #911 drag boat.
If you are a marine buff and haven't seen sanctioned drag boat
racing, be sure to plan a trip to the nearest event. Its something to
see a boat skimming on the water shooting a massive rooster tail
hundreds of feet behind the prop, especially since the boat is
running faster than most cars at the drag strip. We are proud of
Butch and the entire Ratified Racing team's past performances, and
will continue to support their quest into the points championship,
season after season. It's nice to be the fastest, but it's even better
to be the fastest, heat after heat, event after event, LaPouttre Racing
Heads \ Engines supports Butch Blow and his Ratified Racing
team to win, event after event.
What ever your running, MercCruiser alpha, bravo, bravo 2, OMC,
Volvo, or any other make of hull/engine/out drive combination,
LaPouttre Racing can put the fun of sheer speed back in your
boating pleasure while building the dependability you need for
the open water. Can you trust your local marine mechanic who
works only part of the year, and at a hectic pace at the beginning
of the season, can you trust your expensive marine power plant
with a part year mechanic? All it takes is one tow and boat hoist
charge from a failed engine to cover most of the expense involved
in blueprinting a marine engine correctly the first time, by a
professional year round racing engine builder. The frustration of
trying to get a marine tow coupled with the fear of being stranded
on the high seas is enough for most advent sailors to have their
powerplants professionally built and installed the first time. At
LaPouttre Racing Heads \ Engines we can computer simulate/
dyno your present marine engine without even touching a wrench
to it. We then suggest the proper changes that will make your
boat faster with the extreme reliability you expect from a
professional racing engine builder, regardless if your running on
a closed circuit quarter mile, or racing against a nasty black
thunder head in high offshore seas. LaPouttre Racing Heads \
Engines, the top choice among leading marine racing
professionals, as well as the discriminating weekend sailor. 
Everybody can purchase the parts from a discount retailer, but
only an expert in racing engines can put together a total
performance package suitable to brag about at the local marina.
We sell the parts at very competitive prices, we are distributors of
World Castings, Dart and Merlin engine components. Compare us
to the major aftermarket parts warehouses, we can sell individual
parts up to the total package (including machine shop services),
often at prices less than the competitions. We don't gouge you on
gaskets, or required accessories. If your unsure of what it costs,
give us a e-mail or a telephone call. Compare us with your local
marina, or your local mechanic, overall, you will find that we are
the best bet in the long run, no hidden charges, no surprises, no
unnecessary mark-ups, with references that are legendary. If
your a discriminating boater, LaPouttre Racing Heads \ Engines is
your best choice for extreme performance boating.

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