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Current News

Demand for new and fresh racing engines and ported-flowed heads are starting to come in to the shop.  There is currently a 4-6 week delay for full ported heads going out the door. Trackside support for the spring testing season in the Florida / Gulf Coast and California is filling up. The new 2000 product lines are getting posted daily on the web, we are strongly encouraging people to plan ahead in advance of their first national points event.  A new product line of World Castings Merlin Crate Engines has now been added, featuring the best performance to cost ratio of any aftermarket based engine that we've seen.  This "Crate Engine" is perfect for those who are wanting to upgrade their block and heads to the stronger aftermarket products.  These fully assembled and dyno tested motors come in 509 or 540 CID and range from 545 to 585 HP right out of the Box!  This is the best base to build upon for the money and has the capability to upgrade to the "top sportsman" class restrictions without  re-purchasing major components.  More details available at Merlin Crate Engines.  The new Jeep Head modifications are presently being documented and will soon be posted up on the web with full color pictures describing the details involved.  Presently, we need jeep head cores to be shipped with your order, due to the unavailability of good solid castings in our local area.  We are working with a major core recycling company and are finishing  the paperwork to eliminate this problem.  We Thank all the Jeep owners for their patience in this matter.  I guess that is all for now, hammer it hard and keep it between the lines!

2000 News  Bowen wins first event out for the year(Indy Point Race) with new injected Nitro combo

1999 News

Muffler ManMuffler Man Dragster

Father and son team of Mike  Bowen, Driver Shawn"Muffler Boy"  Bowen

and their Top Alcohol Dragster is putting up heavy

competition this year.  They are in the NHRA points chase with some nice

wins and places with their new induction system and engine modifications.

The competition here is very extreme, and we wish the Muffler Man Racing

team continued success  to upcoming racing events.

The Muffler Man racing team has shown some innovative technology

advances in their Induction system and is finding the winning combination. 

Many "in the money finishes" including event wins have been won.  Including

the setting of a track record and taking the event at a inaugural race of a

new route 66 Chicago Area track,


   Won: Fram Nationals  Route 66 Dragway.

   Won:  North star nationals- Brainerd Minn.

   Runner up: Keystones- Maple Grove PA.

  Points races

   Won : Edgewater- Cleves Ohio

   Runner up: Indianapolis- Claremont Indiana

   Runner up: Quaker city- Salem Ohio

   Runner up: Beech Bend- Bowling Green KY.

  Finished number (1) Division 3

  Finished number (5) NHRA in the Country

Good Luck to the Bowen Family Muffler Man Race team and to their continued

success using LaPouttre Racing Heads \ Engines for their induction system

support and proprietary head  modifications.   To date the muffler man top

alcohol  runs a 5.43 E.T. 1/4 mile at 256 MPH.   Not  your father's ordinary

Grocery Getter!!


Marco Abruzzi and the A&T Garage Firebird       

Featured in the Summit Racing August Edition of Street and Strip Magazine.

Marco has won the                                     click here car picture  76k.      click here engine picture 100k

     1998           WON: The IHRA Northern Nationals at New England Dragway in New Hampshire

                         WON: The IHRA Summer Nationals at US 41 Dragway at Cordova Illinois

                         SEMI FINALS: at the LaRue Dragway

                         Is Currently 5th in the Nation in his Class

                         Finished # 5 in the Country for 1998


                        WON: Epping New Hampshire Points Race

                         SEMI FINALS: Rockingham  

                        Finished #7 in the country 1999


                         WON: Clay City Divison Race

                           Won: Morroco Divison Race

We wish Marco and the A&T Transmission Race team their continued success using

LaPouttre Racing Heads \ Engines.

LaPouttre Racing is featured in the New Edition of

Prototyping Technology International*

*a Division of AutoIntermetiades International Ltd., U.K.

is a automotive advanced concepts magazine dealing with prototype and evaluation

projects that use advanced computerized methods in conjunction with on going research

and development, in our case automotive racing prototype and design.

Quotes from The Article Titled "Dragged UP" will be posted when the

authorization from the publisher is received.

New promotional program is released

Since the response to this internet site has been great, we are now offering a promotional

program that will save the racer money and provide to them the best in engine components.

If your a racer, and are willing to follow our suggestions and guidelines, you can save money

by putting our name and address appliques on your race car , such as:

                                            "LaPouttre Racing Heads \ Engines"


unobstructed on both sides of your vehicle's hood scoop,


"LaPouttre Racing Heads \ Engines"

directly under the team name on both the doors



on the front and rear spoilers.


Under the condition that you have to run the car at a sanctioned track, in a sanctioned

event, for 8 events a year, for two years, then you can save 10% off our already low labor

costs, (call for further race team discounts if considering multiple head sets and engine

spares).  Since we sell 85% of our parts at jobber prices already (the other 15% is at

distributor cost), we can lower our labor prices 10% if your into allowing us to advertise

your success while using our products and services.  This applies to head porting and

engine assembly labor, 10% savings does not apply to parts purchases.  You can bring in 

your own components, but we prefer that you purchase some components directly from us,

since it will reduce turn around time and shipping costs.   If you can find a better price, let us

know and we can arrange a package specifically for you.  


We get to use all data about your race team, car, performance, etc..., for our marketing,

advertising and web site.   We will make recommendations in building your power plant

and consider all the aspects of engine management and chassis applications.  We reserve

the right to require certain criteria be established, including that the race car have a

ignition system with a rev limited installed and possibly other factors/requirements,

determined at the sole discretion of LaPouttre Racing Heads \ Engines, on a per

situation by situation basis. 

Competitive Pricing Campaign

We will also take in consideration of any other racing engine manufacturer's sales quote, 

and will make a competitive engine building offer for your racing project.  The quote has

to be on the companies letterhead, and has to be detailed as for the specifics of the project.

In most cases we will beat the competitor's offer, for the placement of our name and website

address on the vehicle, in  the fashion described in our promotional campaign.  The

promotional campaign and the competitive pricing campaign cannot be combined.


For further inquires contact sales@racingengines.com and put in promotional or

competitive in the subject line and describe what you want to do, and how fast you

want to go.

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