Use nitrous enhanced pistons due to their extreme reliability and resistance to burn through if your going to spend the money in rebuilding your engine. Then in the future, if you want to add NOS enhancement, you can by just bolting on the extra horsepower. NOS pistons mean dependability, plain and simple

On Line Performance Parts

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We use our own proprietary custom designed pistons for our all out racing engines, manufactured to our exact specifications by JE Piston Corporation.  Our proprietary designs are the result of over 25 years of drag and circle track racing experience, the designs incorporate increased strength and reliability with less possibility of blow by.   Through the years of racing, we have found what works and what doesn't, our specialty pistons cost more, but, the knowledge of having the best component available, in places that cannot be easily inspected for wear and tear, is priceless. Call for custom applications and pricing and manufacturing delay time.  Below are Warehouse Stocked Pistons supplied by the various manufacturers.  

Arias Forged Pistons

Arias Pistons are forged from 2618 or 4032 billet bar stock aluminum alloy materials.  They offer over 95 different styles of CNC machined pistons in either materiel.   The Piston domes, valve reliefs, ring groves, ring lands and skirt design work together to greatly extend life and dependability.  SpeedMaster Pistons come in "E" Low Compression Series, "S" series for high compression high performance for street and all out racing, the "B" series is designed for heavy duty high horsepower blown or nitrous applications.

Federal Mogul Products

Federal Mogul purchased the TRW,  AE Goetze Piston manufacturing lines and are producing pistons under those names as well as their Sterling brand trademark.  These same brands are made with the same high quality standards and materials resulting in products that engine builders have known to trust. 

KB Performance Pistons (Silv-O-Lite)

Keith Black (KB) Performance Pistons from United Engine and Machine Company are high performance heat treated permanent mold Hypereutectic pistons manufactured from 390 aluminum alloy. Their reasonable price with heavy duty dependability makes these pistons the choice for many applications ranging from street towing, street nitrous/supercharged, circle track, marine, drag racing, supercharged monster truck/mudbog racing with gasoline or alcohol engines.

JE Pistons

JE Pistons have been in business for over 50 years.  They make racing pistons from the smallest of imports to the largest of V8's.  A High Quality made product, years of experience, race track proven, JE Pistons makes some of the best pistons in the world and are the choice manufacturer for our proprietary Top Fuel/Nitrous piston designs.



This is a new line that we are carrying.  They offer Gas Porting, Internal Milling, on their custom

piston forgings ranging from 3.050" to 4.850" in bore diameter.  Their classic's line is for reproduction pistons for almost any make and model regardless of date or manufacturer.   Their custom pistons are available for many applications that are not normally considered by any other company.  They have pistons for American Motors, Austin Healeys, BMW's, Cosworth, Datsun, Ferrari's, Holden V8's, Hudsons, International Harvester, Lada, Lotus, Mercedes, Opel, Porsche's, Renault, Saab, Saturns, Studebakers, Volvo's, and other exotic applications not normally found in stock by any other high performance piston manufacturer. Listed below is only a few of their stock offerings, call for pricing and availability of items not listed.

Sportsman Racing Products (SRP)

These Pistons are the best value for the racer.  SRP is a spin off from the JE Piston company.

Their newly designed forgings reduce machining steps, further reducing costs to you.  They

use 4032 high Silicon alloy for Street/Strip use, and 2618 Alloy for high compression 

applications. Their fit and finish are as good as any other piston on the market today. SRP,

making high performance affordable to the average racer.

Total Seal Piston Rings

TRW Pistons

(Owned by Federal Mogul and is not part of the recent TRW engine component sell off)

TRW Competition Series

Wiseco Pistons

Wiseco Pistons are the most widely known aftermarket manufacturer of quality pistons in the world.  They have a quality made product for all your engine needs.  We normally don't stock pistons for ATV's or Personal Watercraft or outboard engines or motorcycles, but we can get them at a substantial savings to you. It may take a little longer time than the local sports outfitter in your area who stocks them, but the savings is worth it.

Piston Rings

Piston rings depend upon the style and type of piston used as well as the

intended use of the engine.  

Call for all applications and for Current Prices

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