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Cylinder Head Porting

Stage 1: Hi performance valve job, pocket porting (bowls) and

general clean up   V-8 From $525  -   V-6 From $395  -  4 Cyl. From $265


Stage 2 : above stage 1 +  intake & exhaust port openings matched

to proprietary templates, guides smoothed,  ports polished

  V-8 From $875  -  V-6 From $675  -   4 Cyl. From $450


Stage 3 : above stage 1+2, Full porting and polishing, Flow tested

and Matched    V-8 From  $1400.00  - V-6 From $1050.00 - 4 Cyl. From $700


Stage 4 : all of the above stages + Full race only modifications,

Quotes for special Nitrous,  Blown, turbocharged or large cubic

inch applications. Call for Quotes and specific applications.

Required  milling, casting repair, and special modifications / fabrications may be required and are additional

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Dart 360 exhaust port (typical)     360 chamber(Nitrous)    

W-2 exhaust port (typical)  600 CFM Flow Bench 


Complete Cylinder Head Rebuilding

Unleaded / Hardened Valve Seat Installation

Seat Grinding and Installed Spring Heights Measured & Adjusted

Cylinder Heads Milled,  Flat or Custom Angle Milling

Carburetor / Injector Base Plate Fabrication / Modifications

Fuel / NOS. Plumbing and hardware layout


Cylinder Head Rebuilding Prices are as follows

Our standard pricing is based on a scheduled book rate of $50 U.S. an hour as determined by LaPouttre Racing, in addition to the standard pricing  for all of our required parts, supplies, and machine shop services.  Prices are determined upon the specific services rendered and their application requirements, in addition to any external services and supplies used. Racer Express Services are available, but at an additional cost to the rates as described above.



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