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Besinger Racing project pics

Click here for picture of new Bensinger Motorsports 1998 Firebird Race Car!

6.86et@198.15mph 603 CID. Dart 360 Heads and a Powerglide

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The Projects Page

This page is under construction as it will be mutating into separate projects resulting

from the 1998 racing season as well as marine performance enhancements from the boating


For the specific manufacturer's pages, use this link "BIG3" to our  pages that describe in

better detail on which chassis powerplant combination you may want to race with.

Coming Soon Building the LaPouttre  Big Block Chevy Nova IHRA

Door Slammer  Research and Development Testing Platform! 


Coming Soon "Building the Big Dog",

Marco Abruzzi's 698 C.I. 1,350 HP IHRA Top Sportsman Engine featured in Summit Racing's

August 1998 issue of Street & Strip.

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Bensinger Racing's 1994 Camaro

1994 Camaro Style Body on a Rick Jones Chassis

The Fastest 588 C.I. Conventional Headed

2500lb. Car in the Country!

Running an Incredible 7.04 E.T. @ 196 MPH!


Engine: 588 cubic inch Big Block Chevy

Heads: Ported and Flowed Dart 360 Style heads

Trans: Powerglide

Complete Engine and Driveline built at LaPouttre Racing Heads \ Engines.

The Most Complete Motorsport Service from Cylinder Head Porting to

Complete Driveline Building. LaPouttre Racing constructed the entire

driveline, including the Race Modified Powerglide transmission , Rear End

Fabrication, and setup. Complete engine service from concept through

initial engine start up and track side tune-up. Race Car servicing from

conception  on through two highly successful racing seasons!.

Finished 6th place over all points in the country in 1996

Finished 12th place over all points in the country in 1997

Won the "Quick 8" Shootout at the Mid-Michigan Motorplex in 1997

Won the IHRA "Quick 8" Shootout in Darlington September 1997

Runner Up at the 1996 Snap-On Finals at Darlington

Runner Up at the 1996 Summer Nationals at Morocco Indiana

Bensinger Racing Chose Rick LaPouttre to design and build the Engine,

Transmission, and Rear End, and then to be the Crew Chief in their Racing


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Coming Soon:

Jeep Head Modifications for the Original American SUV

Increase your Jeep's performance by installing a Remanufactured Racing 
Head that increases the breathing capability through the use of oversized 
lightweight hardened racing valves and head porting.  Combine this head 
with a free flowing exhaust system and ported induction system, and a 
properly indexed camshaft, then you have bolt on power without 
increasing displacement.  We can further increase the power potential by 
installing a race prepared NOS ready short block (or complete engine 
assembly).  Our special short blocks use custom made Nitrous enhanced 
pistons, performance connecting rods, and special trick fabrications that 
put power with dependability in your mountain tamer. If you don't want to
install a stump pulling high torque 350 Chevy, and you want to keep your
Jeep looking original in the engine compartment, let LaPouttre Racing 
Heads \ Engines install a Jeep Torque Master Engine Fabrication in 
America's Favorite Original SUV. 

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Rick LaPouttre is a NOS Systems Specialist and Master Mechanic

specializing in racing head manufacturing and race engine design and

construction for all areas of the motorsports.

We have the technology are you ready to win?


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