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Computerized Engine Building /Chassis /Track Simulator Services

Have you ever bought the parts for your engine only to find out later that they were

redundant or incompatible and not returnable? That the new parts cost you power

and dependability, and that you were taken by a good marketing scheme? Forget

about paying for power parts that do not work in your application. By using our new

computerized engine building software, you can design the power plant of your

dreams and predict results of the performance without purchasing a single part

before hand. You then can make changes on the spot to fine tune your engine to the

exact power curves that you need for that particular application. By testing and

evaluating your engine before any parts are purchased, you save not only time, but

loads of money. The days of hit and miss engine building are over. Over 120 main

inputs, including full valve flow curves and detailed cam profiles, valve train weights,

valve spring rates, carburetor specs, intake manifold specs, blower specs, turbo

specs, spark curves, compression ratios, rod lengths, in addition to over 100

secondary inputs. All the inputs calculate to over 100 results, most which can be

plotted, including torque, horsepower, and volumetric efficiency, cylinder pressures,

piston thrust and acceleration curves, as well as valve flow areas, intake runner

pressures and velocities, push rod forces and a multitude of other scientific formulas

that result in how the engine will perform over the entire rpm range.

Use this link to go to the engine building simulator pages in our sales section for pricing

Sample Output Data Charts

500 CID. NHRA Pro Stock Engine

gpeapro1.jpg (29377 bytes)

Sample Horsepower and Torque Curve Over Rpm

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By taking this information and plugging it into our car/track simulation software

packages, the engine you built on the computer can now be simulated into your drag

or circle track race chassis and the racing characteristics can be determined. 


Our Drag racing simulator software simulates centrifugal clutches, throttle stops,

nitrous oxide stages, specified tire growth, then it picks optimum shift points, plots

the results and calibrates the specs based on you car's stall rpm, mph at the 60ft

time, and the finish line rpm so you can make the necessary changes before you even

install the gearing or put on the tires.


Our circle track software will simulate most any vehicle on most any asphalt oval

track you can design. You can change the torque curve, weight, gear ratio,

aerodynamics, bank angle of attack  and see the effect on lap time. You then can

observe how suspension inputs like spring rates, roll bar rates, corner weights,

front suspension geometry can effect the dynamic weight transfer, spring deflection,

and handling changes of the vehicle. Then review the recommended springs, stagger

and other setup variables for that particular track without even leaving the living room.


Both the Drag and Circle track simulator software coupled with the engine building

software will allow you to plan your racing strategy without spending vast amounts

of money wasting valuable track time.    We offer all the simulation software as

both a service for the racer and  software packages for retail sale .


Due to the fact that we want to be discrete about which tracks we have

proprietary CAD files on, our circle track and drag racing simulator retail sales and

services are available only through direct e-mail consultation.  We do not want to

infringe on any copyrights or legal issues that may arise, and will keep any newly

generated track layouts as our own property.   Drag race tracks are relatively easy

to design, from a racer's perspective, but the circle tracks require some knowledge

of CAD design and programming.


At LaPouttre Racing Heads \ Engines, we believe in the "P" principle, that Proper

Planning Prevents Potentially Poor Performance and Possible Pocketbook Pounding.

Spending a little more time and effort in the beginning with these planning tools

will provide positive results at the track, plain and simple.   Let your driver focus

on their abilities, and eliminate their concerns of "unknown" track variables through

the use of this simulation technology.


Track side E-mail and telephone support can be arraigned, but due to the intensive

and time consuming computerized calculations involved, please contact LaPouttre

Racing well in advance to such testing so we can set aside the computer equipment

and trained technicians for your immediate availability and use.

Scheduled operational time periods are available, but have to be paid in advance. 

Save some time and money, plan needed simulations in advance, since not all last

minute requests can be honored, due to prior track side support commitments.

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