Our speciality drag racing power glide tranmissions for extreme competition use custom built one of a kind components, please plan ahead since the required man hours limits delivery dates during the racing season

On Line Performance Parts

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Our specialty "One of a Kind" Custom Built LaPouttre Racing Racing Transmissions are the best in the world, bar none. We have racing teams whom love their dependability and ultra quick launching/reaction times. They are custom built and are one of a kind, not something that your friend's friend can manufacture with a 3/8 inch drill and a how to do it book from the local auto parts store in the corner of your garage. Our quality second to none and it shows up in our customers wins as a major part of their winning drive train combination. We guarantee our transmissions are dependable and reliable for your racing application. We cannot guarantee the quality of other regional shops and their work, especially from part timers, so we do not subcontract to other transmission shops for your racing needs. When you purchase a LaPouttre racing transmission, you get 30+ years of racing experience behind every one. Due to the nature of manufacturing cycles our custom made parts are a specialty and are not setting around gathering dust on any shelf, almost everything is custom made for your application. We cannot rush the time it takes to have all the parts machined to our exacting tolerances, then to have them heat treated/hardened and polished to perfection, well our answer is that Rome wasn't built in a day. Our Trannys usually take about 3 to 4 weeks to build during our normal working cycles, a little less time in the winter (except during snow days), a little more time in the summer (especially when we are racing our New Big Block Nova), as the demand dictates. Call ahead for time schedules, application and pricing.

We can order and ship any of the Aftermarket Custom Racing Transmission  listed below.  Availability and prices vary upon application and company.

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B & M Racing Transmissions

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Bert Circle Track Transmissions

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Coan Engineering Racing Transmissions

Street and Competition Automatic Transmissions

TH-400 components

Powerglide Components

TH-350 Components

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Reid Racing Powerglide Transmission Case #PG1000L re designed racing transmission case specially   adapted to be used with All Aftermarket racing products

Dedenbear Automated Shifters and Transmission Accessories

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Deist Transmission Blankets SFI 4-1 approved

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Lakewood Safety Components

Automatic Transmission Safety Shields made from 1/4" thick 6061 t-6 aluminum which provides the maximum amount of protection with the least amount of weight,  Simple bolt on installation, anodized red and comes complete with high strength mounting hardware, bracketry and instructions, SFI Approved.

Automatic Transmission Blanket

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J.W. Performance SFI Spec Ultrabells utilize 1 piece aluminum casting to withstand the severe twisting and tire shake common in high horsepower cars.  Units are SFI certified as a flywheel shield, fit under stock floors and bolt to front of pump with minimal machining required.  Models mating to Ford or Chrysler to powerglides eliminate adapter plates (starter bolts directly to Ultra Bell).

J.W. Performance UltraCase #92310 replaces stock powerglide case and accepts GM, Ford, and Chrysler UltraBells.  Allows the Ultra Bell to bolt directly to the front pump, providing a totally "bullet proof" assembly and eliminating the need for flexplate and transmission shields.  Built in adjustable Transbrake release and revised CNC machined oil passages will quicken and improve the consistency of any Transbrake.  Increased aluminum in all critical areas prevent case breakage, reduces shift lever flex and seal failure.  Reinforced modulator boss eliminates cracking.   Weights approximately 4 pounds more than stock units.

J.W. Performance Fluid-Exhaust Trans Brake Valve Bodies CNC machined valve body with a combination of hydraulic and spring pressure to provide lightening quick reaction times.  For optimum safety selection of reverse is impossible unless the driver manually activates a remote reverse switch.

J.W. Performance  Aluminum Deep Pans adds strength to your transmission, increases fluid capacity, helps prevent fluid starvation and improves cooling capabilities.

J.W. Performance Transmission Shields made from 6061 T-6 Aluminum, meets SFI 0.1 specs

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TCI Automotive

TCI Automotive Transmission Kits

TCI Circle Track Transmission Parts

TCI Transmission Components

TCI Transmission Valve Bodies and accessory parts

TCI Street Fighter Series

Manual/Automatic valve body designed for the street and strip performance

TCI Full Manual Series

Manual valve body designed for competition performance, remember you have to make every shift with this valve body

TCI Trans-Brake Series

Used for consistent off the line launching in drag racing, acts like a depressed manual clutch transmitting no power to the line-locked rear wheels, where vehicle cannot roll back and forth (up to torque converter stall speed), then when launch button is pressed, then transmission passes all power to rear wheels instantly with some cushioning coming from the torque converter fluid engagement.  Ideally used with multi-staged RPM limit switch, set just below torque converter stall speed for consistent reaction times launching off the line, faster 60 foot times .

TCI Valve Body Performance Improver Kits

Value priced kit designed to change shift action for a more positive shift for street, offroad and towing applications, it is the first stage in performance, with easy installation, normally one to three hours.

TCI Trans-Scat Valve Body Kit

Designed with towing with a competition type shift in mind.  Installs for a faster, harder, more positive shift and allows for you to downshift the vehicle on demand, and in most models allows for manually hold of the transmission in first gear until you are ready to shift.  As long as vehicle remains in "drive" transmission still is fully automatic.

TCI Rebuilding kits and accessories

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TD Performance Products

Transmission Cooling Pans with integral cooling tubes allowing fresh air to cool the transmission fluid

Deep Transmission Pans are chrome plated with drain plug

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Turbo Action Transmissions

Turbo Action Cheetah Valve Bodies

Turbo Action Rebuild Kits

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automatic air assisted shifters see computer section

Flexplates are in the Torque Converter Section

LaPouttre Racing Heads / Engines


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