Use racing valves for the track, while stainless steel valves work well for street use. If your not pushing 600 HP, then properly worked stainless valves will do the trick at a much cheaper price. If your into circle track applications, then the lightest strongest valve will help you come out of the corners faster and you can dive in to them deeper before braking hard. In all out drag racing, the less weight of moving parts the better

On Line Performance Parts

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Valvetrain Parts/ Component Manufacturers

Competition Cams

Crane Cams

Crane "Gold" Extruded Aluminum Rocker Arms, Good Thru 11K rpm!

Crower Cutaway Severe Duty Roller Lifters

Elgin Industries



K-Motion Valve Springs Locks and Retainers

LaPouttre Racing Products

Extreme Value Extruded 2024/T3511 Aluminum Alloy Rocker Arms

Extreme Value Stud Girdles for Chevy 350

Extreme Value Pushrod Guide Plates for Chevy 350

Extreme Value Mechanical Roller Lifters for Chevy 350


Manley  Full Line Dealer

Manley is the leader of performance and racing valves in the world.  They utilize superior strength materials, swirl polished underheads, exact stem to seat concentricity, closely controlled margin heights, fully machined combustion faces, hard chrome stems, hard tips, in budget series replacement, and performance replacement valves in street, race, pro, severe duty, and extreme duty series applications. Valves area available in NexTek Stainless, Full Stainless, and Ultra Strong Titanium alloy materials.  Other Manley products include rocker stud girdles, rocker arm studs, spring cups, valve locks, springs, retainers and seals.  If you want the highest quality valve train components, Manley is the way to go.  Available for too many engine combinations to be listed on this page, call for your application.


Moroso Valve Covers (Large Variety to choose for all applications, with accessories)

Sharp Aluminum Rocker Arms

T&D Machine

T&D Machine roller rocker arms are of the highest quality and strength in a rocker arm available today.  T&D has pressurized tip oiling by using internal passages to ensure a consistent flow of oil to the roller tip, then the oil serves as a coolant to the valve springs.   The Shafts are and centerless ground, made from premium grade heat treated alloy  for optimum concentricity. The Rockers are made from hard alloy extruded aluminum that are engineered for absolute minimum weight without sacrificing reliability.  These rockers are easy to adjust to ensure fast accurate adjustments utilizing 3/16" hex broached set screws with ample jam nut access machined into the rocker arms so you won't have to use special wrenches and small diameter allen heads.  Available in many ratios for over 40 different heads, with other ratios supplied on a special order basis.

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Unique Aluminum Products

Manufacturer of computer designed, superior quality, light weight, aluminum sheet metal valve covers for many facets of motorsports.

Quality assured:

For the Following Applications:

Available soon: Buick 455, Cadillac 500

World Castings Cast Aluminum Valve Covers

Part#   Description		                                                            *Price per pair*

7072	Sportsman II SB Chevy Tall Valve Covers (pair)	     $call
7074	Merlin BB Chevy Tall Valve Covers (pair)	             $call
7076	BB Chrysler Tall Valve Covers Six Bolt (pair)	             $call
World Castings Street Flo Valve Train Packs Featuring Manley Valves

Valve Packs

Part#	Description				                                           *Price*

7110	Sportsman II: 2.020"x1.600" 11/32(per engine)  $call
7140	S/R Torquer: 2.020"x1.600" (per engine)	             $call
7150	305 Torquer  1.94"x1.500"  (per engine)	             $call
7310	Merlin 2.020"x1.880" (per engine)	                     $call
7510	Windsor 2.020"x1.600" (per engine)	                     $call
7530	Windsor Jr. 1.940"x1.600 (per engine)	             $call

World Castings Accessories

Part#	Description				                                            *Price*

7400	World/Indy Valley Pan Spacers 400 (B)	                $call
7401	World/Indy Valley Pan Spacers 440 (RB)	                $call
7420	World/Indy Pushrods Hydraulic Cam 9.500" (ea.)	$call
7421	World/Indy Pushrods Solid Cam 9.750" (ea.)	        $call
7422	World/Indy Cut to Length Pushrods (ea.)		        $call
7850	Cam Bearings Special for Merlin Engine Blocks	$call

LaPouttre Racing Heads / Engines

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